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Once Upon A Time 4×03 – Rocky Road

“When you have the weight of the world on your shoulders, it can be hard to let people in.”


Review by Panda
Everything about this season’s major arc has been great so far. I just wish all that was happening outside it was more relevant.

Right now the series lead has been shoved aside. I like Snow’s struggles with motherhood, and I think her taking over as mayor has been long overdue, but the entire story is being drowned out by Frozen-mania.

All the smaller residents seem to be showing up just to give us even more of a reason to hate them. It’s like they’ve all eaten a copy of “angry brainless mobs for dummies”, and it all seems so stupid that I can’t help but wonder why someone like Granny, who is part of a family that has to control their own dark powers, would ever go along with Leroy and his even slower lackeys.

Looking to the positives, the Arandelle centric plot has been fantastic, and this episode was easily the strongest. Elizabeth Mitchell seems to be doing a good job of conveying someone as – this isn’t a pun I swear – cold as the Snow Queen without coming across as wooden and I think she’ll provide a great nemesis for the remainder of the arc. You’ve got to laugh at this show sometimes though; of course she’s related to Elsa. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if Leroy turned out to be Hook’s son.

Will Scarlett, one of the brightest parts of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, finally showed up after his inclusion in the mother show was confirmed before season three finished. I’m at a complete loss as to how he ended up in Storybrooke after he (spoiler alert for those who have plans to watch the spin off at some point) walked off into the sunset with his true love. Will Anastasia show up at some point, or is all of this a part of his past?

Either way he fits right into the show, and bringing him back was a stroke of genius. He lights up every scene he’s in, and he’s just as wry and sarcastic about how absurd magic is as Emma, so it would be great for him to stick around for as long as possible. I just wonder what story he’d become a part of right now?


Will Ruby ever show up again? Or Cinderella for that matter? Maybe with their stories being resolved there isn’t a reason for them to come back.

Poor Hook still can’t use a cell phone. He’s worse than my Dad.

He Said, She Said

Kristoff: “Anna was right, logic and reason do work on you.”

Regina: “Seems like the savior needs saving these days.”

The smaller character arcs are being tied into Frozen more each week, and because of that each one is becoming more relevant, like Regina and Robin trying to save Marian. I just need to see those that aren’t being given more purpose in light of the excitement elsewhere. I mean, who really cares about Snow’s inability to fold a buggy when there are Snow Queens running amuck?

Panda Rating

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  1. This episode was so good and I can´t wait to see what´s coming next in this season.

    On the negative though, I have to point out Will Scarlet getting away in a very dumb way (they don´t know they have to watch the prisioner?) and also, the townspeople are really stupid and judgemental. For someone who was persecuted in the Enchanted Forest, they sure seem to point the finger at others pretty quick.

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