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The Big Bang Theory 8×05 – The Focus Attenuation

“Penny moved in, and so much blood rushed to your genitals, your brain became a ghost town.”


What a remarkably hilarious episode!

I guess fifth time’s the charm because TBBT took that long to deliver a consistently funny and amazing episode after a series of “mediocre” season 8 outings. The Focus Attenuation is easily my favorite episode of this season so far.

Splitting the gang into guys and girls was a great idea; that’s what made some of the old episodes instant classics. The guys’ subplot involving our favorite geeks trying to come up with a new invention was the episode’s best. It gave us some truly unforgettable scenes that show just how much chemistry these guys have.

Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki alone gave us some of their best performances yet when arguing about the Back To The Future 2 conundrum. Sheldon and Leonard’s back and forth uses of the correct verb tense “had will have placed” and “had have had brought” was so exceptional, I think I’ve seen it ten times already. The way these two men interact with each other is so real and funny, it’s hard to think of that scene as part of a TV show.

Even Raj and Howard delivered great one-liners that were hilarious; in fact, all of the guys “brought” their A-game (no pun intended) in this episode. I loved that the show recognizes these guys aren’t the same as they were eight years ago, and if any show can pull off a storyline of four guys getting distracted easily, it’s this show. There’s no need for a complex storyline in sitcoms; sometimes, it’s okay to just be simple and funny (and not continue with the Penny/Emily bickering).

But sadly, this wasn’t a perfect episode. The girls’ vacation to Vegas didn’t provide the necessary laughs to keep me invested. I wasn’t a very big fan of Drunk Bernadette; I usually love seeing Penny in that particular light but I guess she is “evolving” by becoming one of those party-poopers who studies while on vacation. Any scene with Amy, Penny and Bernadette just felt more forced than funny, and it didn’t compare at all with the guys’ subplot.

Witty Bits

– The opening teaser was brilliant: Sheldon stating the places he wouldn’t go to because of the horror movies that took place in those locations is so Sheldon.

– Raj’s delivery of the line “I’ll make the pop-corn” makes me laugh every single time! In both scenes!

– Those were some huge margaritas that Amy and Bernadette were sucking down on! No wonder they got so drunk.

– Sometimes the “laugh track” in this show is annoying. I guess a part of me is starting to move on from the ‘90s multi-camera sitcom era.

– This episode really delivered some of the best one-liners this show has ever produced. Now if only the girls had something funnier to do, it would’ve gotten an A.

– Continuity fans: Sheldon mentioning that Leonard started losing focus two days after September 22nd 2007; the first episode of TBBT aired on September 24th. It’s always nice when a show appreciates its history.

– Sheldon bit of the week: his poem commemorating the anniversary of Dr. Seuss’ death.

Bazinga One-Liners

Bernadette: Guess who won a hundred dollars playing craps?
Penny: That’s a dollar.
Bernadette: Guess who widely over-tipped a cocktail waitress?

Sheldon: I know the real reason you never made progress with that idea. You thought of it September 22nd 2007. Two days later, Penny moved in and so much blood rushed to your genitals, your brain became a ghost town.

Leonard: Penny is not the reason I did not pursue that idea.
Sheldon: Oh really? Since meeting her, what have been your greatest accomplishments?
Raj: Easy: sleeping with Penny.
Howard: Getting Penny to go back out with him after she dumped him.
Raj: Tricking Penny into getting engaged.
Howard: And a few weeks ago he almost did a pull-up!

Howard: There’s just some things you don’t do with your robot girlfriend.

Sheldon: Therefore, the timeline in which 1955 Biff gets the almanac is also the timeline in which 1955 Biff never gets the almanac. And not just never gets: never have, never hasn’t, never had have hasn’t.

Howard: I can’t argue with him, it’s right there on the screen. Austria does look like a wiener.
Raj: That’s nothing. Dude, go check out how hung Florida is.
Leonard: I’m sure Mrs. Florida’s walking funny.

A hilarious installment from TBBT that was almost perfect in every aspect.

Chris Rating

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