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The Flash 1×01 – Pilot

“What if I’m not a hero? What if I’m just some guy struck by lightning?”


One of the most anticipated pilots of the season sadly did not live up to the high expectations I had for it. And the problem with The Flash pilot wasn’t at all Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen. It was everything else.

The episode moved at an insanely fast pace, and while that kind of swiftness shouldn’t hurt a show like this, it certainly didn’t do it any good either. I honestly didn’t find any of the supporting characters interesting enough—no, scratch that: they were simply boring. And while this show is really trying to make it out on its own, it’s hard not to compare it to the Arrow pilot which was exceptional by all means. The first episode is supposed to have you hooked instantly (if you do it right, at least) and it’s supposed to make you invested in all of the characters. But this just may be the kind of problems that all first episodes go through.

Grant Gustin delivers a great performance by being charming, lighthearted and strong. His bright and cheerful attitude kind of reminds me of Felicity from Arrow, who I’m hoping we can see more of here. That’s what makes this show different: its realization that it can be funny while still delivering a villain every week.

Speaking of which, I would be okay having a new villain each week, all of whom were also affected by the particle accelerator, if there was also a Big Bad. But perhaps the show is trying to steer away from Arrow-like season arcs; I still can’t help but be a bit worried about this formula getting tired and stale soon.

But the show did do a bunch of things right, like set up a solid storyline of how Barry’s mother got murdered and what he’s going to do to prove his father’s innocence. The superhero stuff was super amusing to watch as well, but I would have preferred a much better villain than the Weatherman.

Being unfamiliar with the background of The Flash, I’m still hopeful (and expecting) that this show will grow even better with every passing week, and for the love of god Iris can’t be that dumb: she has to know that Barry likes her, right? Right?

Speedy Bits

– The opening teaser was a very amusing and charming way to start the show. Kudos, Gustin.

– It looks like the show will use flashbacks in the future. Speaking of which, that was some pretty intense cliffhanger. Is Harrison Wells going to be an eventual Big Bad? That I cannot wait for.

– Who else noticed Cisco’s two shirts that reference The Big Bang Theory? Amusing touch: Sheldon loves The Flash. Possible crossover in the future? Okay.

– The scene with The Arrow and The Flash talking on the rooftop was chilling and amazing. Can’t wait for more of those.

– I love that Barry is always late. Comic-book fans rejoiced everywhere.

– Looks like we’re in for a love triangle with Barry, Iris and that detective. Why doesn’t the girl ever immediately fall for the superhero? And how long will it take her to find out?

– Out of all three currently-airing superhero origin shows, my favorite pilot is still Arrow’s followed by Gotham and then The Flash. What are yours?

Red Blurs & Quotes

West: What you can do…it’s because of the lightning bolt?
Barry: More or less.
West: I’m sorry, Barry. I’m sorry I didn’t believe you and I called you crazy for chasing the impossible, but you really did see something that night your mom died. And your dad is innocent.

Harrison: Run, Barry. RUN!

Barry: I spent my whole life searching for the impossible, never believing I would become the impossible.

Barry: Lightning gave me abs?

Cisco: How’s it fit?
Barry: It’s a little snug.
Cisco: Well, at least you’ll be moving so fast no one will see you.

Barry: Can I keep the sweatshirt?

Not exactly the pilot I was expecting, but still amusing and entertaining enough to keep me wanting to see more.

Chris Rating

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  1. Totally agree Chris. I don't get why this pilot was so critically acclaimed as I found it kind of corny and lame (unlike the Arrow pilot). However, Grant is SUPERB, and the second episode was better. I have faith the show will keep improving and hopefully rival Arrow one day. After all, that show had a great pilot, but stumbled with its first few episodes.
    Glad you'll be reviewing the show 🙂

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