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Grey’s Anatomy 11×04 – Only Mama Knows

“The carousel never stops turning.”


Review by Tagouga
It’s episodes like this one that restore my faith in this show.

The trip down memory lane was so beautifully executed. I thoroughly enjoyed all the flashbacks as they explained the history of a relationship that has been part of this show’s foundation. Meredith and Richard’s reactions as they remembered Ellis Grey were wonderful. Meredith finally realized that the night her mother tried to end her life and the night she gave birth were two separate events. Seeing Richard recall how jealous he was of Ellis’ success and how he left her that day at the carousel showed how much he regretted what he gave up. This also made Meredith realize just how different their lives would have been. All these memories allowed Meredith to finally give Maggie a chance and reach out to her, not just for her sake, but I also believe for Richard’s sake, the one true father-figure she has left.

Meredith and Derek’s fight, as he told her that she was becoming her mother, was very emotional. But soon after he learned the truth, he did the right thing that showed that their marriage is about being there for one another. His calling for a truce and forcing Meredith to talk to him were essential for him to make sure that his wife was okay. These two should really communicate more as all their fighting has gotten old. Derek’s welcoming Maggie and hugging her also was very touching.

Bits & Scalpels

– Was anyone else annoyed with Bailey this episode? I am not liking this “new” Bailey at all!

– Even though he didn’t get the board seat, Alex still own shares in the hospital. Right? I am assuming the shares and the board seat do not go hand-in-hand. But why was this never addressed?

– I have never really cared about Stephanie but I specifically disliked her in this episode for the way she treated Alex in the elevator.

– Ellis’ words at the end of her speech “Where were we” were heartbreaking. I believe this was at the early stages of her Alzeimer’s.

Grey Banter

Meredith: But that’s the tricky thing… Nobody’s memory is perfect or complete. We jumble things up. We lose track of time. We are in one place… And another. And it all feels like one long, inescapable moment.

Derek: Wow. You sound just like your mother.

Alex: I will assign you to impacted bowels for a month. They’ll call you “pooper scooper”.

Meredith: You think I sound like my mother? You do. And now I get to live under the weight of your disappointment, too? Because of something you gave up.

A very pleasant episode and a great reminder of how good this show can be.

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  1. Loved this episode too. Kate Burton is brilliant, and I loved Meredith more than I have in a very long time.
    You're right about Stephanie who is the most annoying thing of all time.
    And what happened to Baily indeeed????

  2. Easily one of the show's best episodes ever! Loved all the flashbacks and I agree about that final line “where were we?” So powerful!! Can't believe this show is still doing THIS good.

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