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The Good Wife 6×05 – Shiny Objects

"You go off banging prostitutes two at a time and I stood beside you like a grinning fool."


After last week’s gem, this fell a little flat. Of course, an okay episode of The Good Wife is still better than 90 percent of shows on television.

It’s pity that the return of Elsbeth Tascioni ended up being so anticlimactic. Carrie Preston’s appearances on the show have all been first-rate until now, but I think this was the character’s first unsatisfying appearance. All the various touches and montages of Elsbeth preparing on the treadmill for her were admittedly amusing, but I don’t think the insight into her character ended up being as enlightening as the writers were going for. Maybe they should have committed to telling the entire episode from her perspective? The mind boggles at how effective the episode would have been had that been the case.

What really made Shiny Objects worthwhile was everything relating to Alicia’s campaign. It was interesting to see Peter so threatened by sharing the stage with Finn, and it all culminated beautifully with him swooping in at the last second right after Finn to say a few words. The juxtaposition of Alicia with Peter by her side was such an incredible contrast to the pilot, and I love that the episode’s final sequence showcased the media noting this comparison. Of course the even greater highlight of the week was Alicia and Peter’s battle in the hallway (which looked just like the one from the pilot). It’s always a treat to see Julianna and Chris butt heads, as you can tell they just relish letting it all out after years of buildup.

Diane was also a bondafide hoot this week. I loved how she idiotically helped the ransomware hacker gain control of the firm’s computers, but it was even better to see her step back into the Lockhart/Gardner offices and clash with David Lee. The twist with Diane owning the lease to the office was a brilliant one, and it sure looks like our little start-up will be changing spaces. I guess The Power That Be don’t want to waste such valuable sets. Here’s hoping they retain David Lee in the process

With the recent news of Kalinda’s departure, you’d think the writers would give Archie Panjabi more to do. Sadly she’s been relegated to repeating the same subplot over and over: she screws over a same-sex love interest and doesn’t reciprocate any feelings while weaseling out all the information he needs. Goodbye Kalinda; you certainly won’t be missed.

Bits & Cases

– I love how excited Elsbeth was to see Alicia.

– Using the penguin catalog as a distraction? Too epic.

– Although Elfman had a minor role this week, I still think he’s a great for the show.

– Carey seeing Kalinda and Lana in the elevator can’t be good for the future. I can’t say I’m thrilled to see what happens next.

– Hilarious moment of the week: Diane pointing out that David is only ripping the “copy” of the email. His reaction was priceless.

– Alicia ordered tequila! Woohoo!

– Josh Perroti is back! Albeit only for a few seconds.

– Peter’s line “Who’s the one sucking it up?” was pretty R-rated huh? Diane, I think he’s the crass one.

– Loved all the little cutaways of Diane getting frustrated by everything in her new office leading to the cockroach discovery.

– I kind of wish we actually got to hear Alicia’s speech at the end.

Good Lines

Alicia: If I fall, you’ll catch me?
Finn: No, I’ll be plummeting with you.

Diane: There’s a helpline for ransomware?
Kalinda: That’s helpful of the criminals.

Eli: Why are all the computers here counting down? I feel like I’m in a Bruckheimer movie.

David: Ah Diane, forgot something on the way out, like the silverware?
Diane: I need you to do me the courtesy.
David: Certainly, just as soon as monkeys fly out of my butt.
Diane: Well that was fairly crass.

Alicia: I don’t like it.
Elfman: Well I don’t like asking you. But unfortunately this is the beginning of a long line of distasteful acts.

Alicia: Isn’t that part of the romance of a start-up?
Diane: No. Cockroaches are not romantic.

Must-Download Tune
Gassenhauer by Carl Orff

A solid albeit unexceptional hour when compared The Good Wife’s usual richness and complexity.

Nad Rating

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  1. I didn't like this one very much, found myself kind of bored halfway through. But loved reading this review. Really made me appreciate the little details of the episode. That ending was epic indeed: the media showing the contrast in Alicia by Peter's side from the pilot and him being by her side now.

    I'm impressed by Kyle MacLachlan on this show. Never seen him playing such a funny character before (he was disturbingly creepy on Desperate Housewives) so I'm interested in seeing more of him and Elsbeth!

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