Revenge 4×04 – Meteor

"She got to him first."


I want to love this season’s story-arc, but it’s just so frustrating to watch.

The notion of Vicky turning Emily’s father against her is a brilliant one, but I keep finding myself annoyed and waiting for the moment when Emily and David finally reunite. In addition, the fact that the writers still aren’t telling us what David was up to, and why he was in hiding for so long, just makes me hate the twist regarding his return even more. It completely destroys the foundation of the show and renders the first three seasons (and Emily’s passionate quest) useless. Maybe I’ll change my mind when we get some answers, but at the moment, I’m annoyed, and that’s not how a TV show is supposed to make you feel (and yes I realize I sound like I’m talking about some toxic ex-girlfriend but I take my shows seriously).

On a positive note, Emily VanCamp must be commended for her terrific performance this week. The scene with her spotting her father in the perp lineup was a particular highlight, as VanCamp expressed the perfect dose of shock and betrayal. Her delivery of the line “it’s not him” was even more impactful as a result.

I know I was excited about Louise’s addition to the show last week, but I found myself dozing off during her scenes with Daniel in Meteor.Β  Of course there’s always hope that next week will be more exciting, but with Margaux lounging about and Ben not far behind, there’s always some sideshow character on Revenge who’s ready to distract you from the main proceedings in a distinctly dull manner.

Vengeful Bits

– David whipping himself was pretty bizarre and disturbing. I thought I was watching Angels and Demons there for a second. Was that and the failed robbery all part of his plot to frame Conrad?

– Jack tells Emily he’ll arrest if she hurts Victoria. I hope Ems kicks his ass if he tries.

– After the lineup scene, I most enjoyed Emily, Nolan and Jack discussing David right outside the police station. It’ll be interesting to see Nolan eventually reunited with David and what their dynamic will be like.

– David asking Victoria and Charlotte to join him in the press conference on live television made me want to smash the screen (and not in a good way). Please Emms, stop being so nice and start unleashing hell; you’ve grown far too soft and it’s killing the show.

Devious Delights

Victoria: We have all been to hell and back.
Charlotte: Mine was a one-way trip.

The same flaws persist, but I’m obviously still intrigued to see how the writers will salvage this storyline.

Nad Rating



  1. Revenge's core was built on David and Amanda Clarke's father & daughter bond.
    All through the series, this bond has been (supposedly) the father's hope and the daughter's reason to continue living without her father.
    I truly hope the writers won't go into a storyline wherein the father and daughter are pitted against each other.
    There's Nolan, for one, who supposedly, was the only person David trusted after he was sent to prison.
    The same trusted person who can vouch on how Emily/Amanda went through her life after her father (again, supposedly), died.
    David seems to be a strategist like his daughter.
    His endgame should be a good one for Emily/Amanda or else, i'm gonna hunt him through the ends of the earth. :))

    It seem to me that this is another set-up arc that the writers deliberately created to make the audience's eyes bulge to watch a glorious tangled web of intrigue.
    I just wish they don't bungle it to make the show look like forty+ minutes of petty bickering and backstabbing.

    And pleeeease, have Charlotte ran over by a bus during one of her drug stupors.
    That ungrateful bitch of a sister.
    Maybe she can be choked by dollar notes which she needs so much.

    I like Margaux's current personality.
    Hope she pulls Daniel up and not vice-versa.
    I would hate to see Margaux go the Victoria way.
    Note her hair that changes every episode. Hehehe.

  2. I admire Em's restraint not to go to her father during the press announcement.
    I'm sure David was aware that she was there because David heard his name being mentioned by Jack during the line-up.
    David if I remember correctly during earlier seasons, is a meticulous man. (Journals, remember?)
    He would have done his homework before doing the “bring me to jail” thing.
    Oh boy, Vicky is in for a big surprise. I think.
    I will sure love the writers if they don't disappoint by messing up the story continuity.
    Nikita writers were very good on story continuities, right Nadim? πŸ˜‰

  3. Nadim, in my experience, a show that takes a turn for the worst like Dexter and True Blood is like a toxic ex-girlfriend. You're tempted to call it quits but a part of you wants to stick around and hope for the best though you know the chances of it happening are very small.

  4. The scene where Emily sees her father for the first time was indeed the highlight of the episode for me. Emily VanCamp really knows how to do those emotionally wrecking scenes! And for once I was actually affected by Jack's reaction.

    I have a feeling David has a plan of his own. I mean the guy wrote all those journals to his daughter with all the evidence about what the Graysons did. Are we really supposed to believe that it is normal for him to seek out Victoria as soon as he was out instead of Nolan, the only person he trusted?

    I really hope they don't drag the father/daughter reunion until the end of the season.

    Can we drop Daniel's storyline already? Seriously nothing interesting there.

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