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Grey’s Anatomy 11×05 – Bend And Break

“I should love me, and you should love you.”


After the plane crash, the cheating, the baby issues and all the accompanying drama, Callie and Arizona’s relationship has reached a dead-end.

Sara Ramirez has always been one of my favorite actresses on the show. Ever since she was first introduced as the crazy girl dancing in her panties and living in the hospital, she quickly became a fan favorite. And when Jessica Capshaw became her love interest, the two were the couple everyone was cheering for. But then as they went through one problem after the other, their relationship wasn’t working as much as they tried to pretend it was. And it really became tedious to watch them circle around their issues and going back and forth without actually fixing anything. So it was understandable that the two would seek professional help to get over their problems.

The flashbacks made us relive the best and the worst of their relationship and although I have always been on Callie’s side, it was clear that both were to blame even if just for accepting to stay in the relationship for the wrong reasons. The episode opened up with the couple in therapy and Callie refusing to take a break out of fear of losing Arizona. So I was really surprised at the end to see her being the one choosing to end the relationship. Let’s just hope we will not be stuck again in a loop where the two will try to get back together. I think both characters might be happier on their own. One might argue that a whole episode shouldn’t have been dedicated to this story, but since it seems the writers are focusing on specific storylines and characters in each episode as opposed to storylines involving everyone, it was only fair that a relationship that lasted so long would get a proper breakup episode.

Finally, I really must say that Sara Ramirez delivered a great performance in this hour. She is a phenomenal actress. Although, for me, the highlight of both actresses’ performances was during season 9 in that bathroom scene after the plane crash and the leg amputation where they both broke down and just displayed painfully raw emotions. That is a scene engraved in my memory.

Bits & Scalpels

– Who would have thought Callie and Meredith would be bonding together over cheeseburgers and tequila? I really enjoyed their scenes.

– Callie singing the “vagina” song was hilarious!

– I found it interesting that Callie brought up the fact that she is bi, could we be looking at a new male interest for her in the future?

Grey Banter

Callie: This feels like a joke. Or a reality show. “Real lesbian housewives M.D. of Seattle.”

Dr. Herman: Graham, one more word, we’re gonna go over to plastics and have your lips surgically removed from my ass.

Callie: I mean it’s called LGBTQ for a reason. There’s a “B” in there, and it doesn’t mean “badass.”

Meredith: You think it’s possible that my one true love in my life is a girl?
Callie: Did you get excited by her vagina?
Meredith: No.
Callie: Then no.

Meredith: Well, even though the diet’s over, I’m always up for cheeseburgers and tequila.
Callie: Oh.
Meredith: Actual cheeseburgers.

Must-Download Tune
Mary J. Blige – Therapy

A solid hour of Grey’s Anatomy. These character-centric episodes are proving to be a success.

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