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The Affair 1×03 – Episode 3

“Don’t wake up.”


This is already my new favorite show.

Three perfect episodes in a row, how insane is that? And of all the three, this latest outing is definitely my favorite episode of The Affair so far. From Noah and Alison sleeping with their partners and both recalling uttering the phrase “don’t wake up” to their sentimental meeting at the library, everything about this show seems fresh and original.

Developing stories are always a fun ride to watch, and this show does it well. We’re starting to get a look into who Noah and Alison really are. Alison is a cutter, and it’s no surprise considering the day she had. What’s beautiful about her story is that she was having a great morning—she was singing and smiling and laughing. But that quickly went downhill when she went back to her old job as a nurse but ended up run away from Pediatrics (which reminded her of her son). Seeing that sick young boy was of course the tipping point. Maybe this was just Alison’s way of making an excuse as to why she started having an affair, or maybe she just wants to blame her husband for using their son’s memory to win an argument… and this is where the psychological part of this show starts to get to you.

And while the scenes at the police station were kept to a minimum in this episode, we did learn a few more clues about the murder that Noah and Alison are being interrogated about. We know there was a wedding and Oscar was there which the detective finds unusual. And then he asks her about Cole and if he knew about the affair at that point. Is it too obvious to assume Cole is the one who dies in the flashforwards? This is a complex story, and I can’t wait to discover more clues, and to link all the events back together. A part of me wants to believe that Alison and Noah are in on this together, but nothing can be certain for now.

While Alison’s perspective is usually far more intriguing than Noah’s, we got a lot of good material from his side this time around. I love when he discusses the idea of his next book, about an affair between a married city man and a married local town woman. And it was hauntingly beautiful how he adds, “He kills her. In the end.” This show is toying with our brains for now, and I’ll let it because it’s been perfect so far.

Unfaithful Flings & Bits

– They’re definitely taking the show slowly. While I usually prefer fast-paced storytelling, I don’t mind that The Affair is taking its time to develop its characters and stories.

– Amusing touch: Noah remembers looking at his old book when Alison runs into him at the library while she remembers him working on his next book. It says so much about what these two people think of themselves, and how they really see themselves and each other. Amazing.

– While the different perspectives usually differ just in clothing or little details, we saw major inconsistencies in this episode. Noah recalls being at that town meeting and making out with Alison while in her version, Noah doesn’t show up and texts her, apologizing for missing the meeting. The mind-fucking begins.

– We do know that Oscar is alive in the flashforward. Noah tells the detective that if he were him, he’d be interrogating Oscar.

– Joshua Jackson is giving an excellent performance here. I loved the surprised look on his face when Alison seemed upset he brought up their son’s death at the meeting.

Adulterous Sayings

Alison: I think you’re a summer person.
Noah: What’s that mean?
Alison: Well, I think you have a fantasy about what life is out here. It’s a small town, it’s idyllic. We’re simple, humble people who love the sea, right?

Alison: Do you have a secret, detective?
Detective: What kind of secret?
Alison: Something you don’t even want to tell yourself.

Detective: Did he [Cole] know by this point you were having an affair?
Alison: I wasn’t having an affair, detective. I kissed a stranger on the beach.

Harry: You’ve got an honest face. Anybody ever tell you that?

Cole: My family’s been in Montauk for seven generations, my wife was born here and my son is buried here. This is sacred ground to me and I don’t want too much, but I want my wife, and I want my family, and I want this land, and I know I’m not the only one because this is our town. These are our schools, our churches, our beaches, our docks, our sunrise, our little piece of heaven under God, and I am never going to leave this place because I am going to be buried right next to my boy, and I will fight to my last breath to keep Montauk local.

It’s no surprise that this show delivered another superb episode. We’ve come to expect nothing less from The Affair.

Chris Rating


  1. Good reviews, Chris.
    Yes, this new show is indeed very engaging.
    I just hope the actor playing the investigative detective doesn't get to be eaten by the leads they are supposedly questioning > acting-wise.
    The lead actors are quite good in their respective roles and it would take good supporting actors for the shoe to keep the dynamic of the characters.

    I hope the writers keeps up with the story continuity.
    Lots of story veins in this show. Very, very complicated story lines and characters. (Nadim is already bouncing with joy. Hahaha.)

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