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American Horror Story Freak Show 4×03 – Edward Mordrake (1)

"Trick or treat, find me something good to eat."


Although every season of AHS is a completely different animal, one element never changes: every year the show gives us a two-part Halloween episode. Last year’s Coven zombie-fest was definitely better than Asylum’s Anne Frank debacle, however I’m sad to report that the first part of Freak Show‘s Halloween attempt wasn’t very promising.

The writers probably envisioned Edward Mordrake as a complex antihero, but that didn’t translate very well on screen. Wes Bentley is fine in the role, but the whole double-head backstory just wasn’t very intriguing. I guess he’s just an excuse to kill off one of the freaks next week, although I doubt it’s going to be anyone important (and thank God Ethel survived).

Speaking of Ethel, this week’s hour paid a lot of attention to the bearded lady. Although I don’t get what kind of accent she’s supposed to have, Kathy Bates is certainly excellent in the role. The scene in which her doctor told her she only has a year a to live was gut-wrenchingly powerful, and I was equally heartbroken when she asked Dell to play some sort of role in her son’s life after she’s gone.

Thankfully, Gloria, Dora and Dandy are still the most amusing element in Freak Show. I absolutely love all their scenes, from the Woody Woodpecker costume to Dandy’s various tantrums as Gloria incessantly struggles to please and entertain him.

Finally, this episode also saw the introduction of Emma Roberts who plays a con-woman who tricks Elsa into thinking she’s a fortune teller. I love how she played our leader using her dreams for fame. And hey, fainting at the end is always guaranteed to get you the job.

Frightful Bits

– I swear Twisty in daylight is still freakin’ terrifying.

– Dot’s dream with the surgery was so very creepy. The fact that she’s so callous about her sister’s life makes her quite the heartless psychopath.

– I love that Desiree ain’t no damsel in distress; she threatens Dell after he attacks her post-failed hand job.

– So Esmeralda’s boyfriend Stanley is gay? Anyone care to place bets on what makes his “package” so shocking?

– Great little twist with Twisty kidnapping the little girl’s brother.

– Unlike her last performance, I loved Elsa singing “Gods & Monsters”. It was beautifully intercut with Mordrake returning.

– The live freak birth made me want to hurl. Seriously show?

Spooky Slurs

Dandy: Curfews are for poor people.

Ethel: Somebody’s mad at somebody. Fight with triple tits?

Esmeralda: Come by my tent anytime, I’ll give you a free reading.
Bette: I’m sure that’s not the only thing you give away for free.

Must-Download Tune
Gods & Monsters by Lana Del Rey

The weakest hour so far. Here’s hoping part two is much more impressive.

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