Revenge 4×05 – Repercussions

"Vicky's done a hell of a job Clarke-blocking us."


I’m praying this is Revenge’s final season because I don’t think I can handle this show any longer.

The David Clarke storyline has been a masterclass in frustrating storytelling. Watching Victoria continue to toy with an idiotic David has proven enormously annoying, and every passing week I find myself more irritated than ever by the show. I want to say that the added complication of Mr. Moon Tattoo trying to kill David makes things more interesting, but the fact that he seduced Charlotte into a one-night stand at the end doesn’t leave me very excited.

Speaking of Charlotte, she continues to be the most irritating child of all time. The fact that the little brat has the nerve to direct David away from his own daughter so he can meet his fake grandchild is enough to make me loathe her even more. Villains are supposed to be fun to watch writers; she’s just insipid.

Proof of how weak the show is at the moment that Louise is the most interesting character around. She’s just supremely unpredictable, and you can tell that Elena Satine relishes playing this devious role. The fact that she turns on Daniel at the end and calls Page Six means she’s definitely much more cutthroat than we were lead to believe. In fact, I’m all for her snapping and taking out Margaux in the near future.

Vengeful Bits

– I liked the continuity with Victoria saying Declan and Amanda would still be alive had Emily revealed her identity before.

– Why doesn’t Emily just punch and threaten Victoria when she’s alone with her? It’s all so unbelievably contrived, and it makes Emily dumber than ever.

– Why didn’t Nolan reveal anything to David during his visit? Again, horribly unrealistic (and that’s saying something in the world of Revenge).

– I kept praying for Jack to choke Charlotte during their confrontation. How is she even alive?

– So Clarke has his house back now thanks to Daniel? That’s cool I guess.

– Funny how Louise couldn’t even break the elevator mirror with all her psychotic punching.

– The finest scene of the week: Emily listening to that gem of a song (found below) which she used to dance to with her dad.

– So first it was Emily who wanted revenge, then the season four promo made it seem like Victoria was the vengeful one, and now David is the one doing the infamous voiceover with his own vendetta? This is getting tired.

Devious Delights

Nolan: Well, it definitely sounds like her shade of bitch.

Louise: (to Daniel) Too much or “hot damn”?

Louise: You are a man in search of an identity.
Daniel: And you clearly haven’t settled on one yet. You’re unlike anyone I’ve ever met.
Louise: Well, multiple rounds of electroshock therapy will do that to a girl.

Jack: (to Charlotte) You’re not Victoria. You’re worse. You’re Conrad.

Nolan: So, what do we call them? Maniel? Dangaux?
Emily: Trouble.

Must-Download Tune
Everybody’s Talkin’ by Harry Nilsson

Time for Revenge to come to an end. This was a terrible hour.

 Nad Rating


  1. I kept expecting Nolan to say something to David but both him and Jack said nothing which is really stupid.

    Let's just hope that Conrad is really dead and he is not the one behind the tattoo guy. Honestly, everything is becoming ridiculous at this point.

  2. I didn't understand why we were supposed to just accept Nolan not telling David the truth. Or Jack not doing the same. Or why in the name of god no one has MURDERED Charlotte yet.

    What a frustrating episode, honestly! I miss the “satisfaction” I used to feel back when I watched season 1.

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