Scandal 4×05 – The Key

"Respectfully, sir, she's probably drunk and in a food coma from too much fried chicken."


While not as phenomenal as last week’s outing, this was still an effective hour.

First off, Jake’s interrogation was the undeniable highlight. The writers have done a superb job of feeding Fitz’s illogical rage thanks to a love triangle that’s been brewing for over two seasons. Seeing Fitz viciously beat Jake was hard to watch, but it made sense with everything we’ve witnessed, and it was certainly in line with The President’s childish and frustrating behavior thus far. I still find it surprising that Shonda expects us to root for Olivia and Fitz as the show’s endgame couple, because if nothing else, The Key further cemented my intense hatred of this twisted pairing.

Although Smelly Mellie is probably over, I wholeheartedly enjoyed that character arc more than anything else on the show this season. Having Mellie come to the realization that her son died for a “purpose” was beautiful to watch, and Bellamy Young gorgeously sold that moment (like she’s done everything else this year). Her suffering this season made her eventual makeover in the hour’s final moments all the more satisfying.

Can I just reiterate how sick I am of Papa Pope’s monologues? His special brand of speeches used to be fascinating in season three, but we’ve reached overkill, and I’m through with him and Olivia replaying the same beats over and over again. Not only is it tedious, it makes Olivia look like a fool for routinely falling for each one of his tricks.

Finally, I have zero interest in Huck’s subplot. Whether he’s mumbling incoherently or stalking his wife, it’s just not something I take pleasure in watching. As far as I’m concerned, the writers completely destroyed the character the moment he licked Quinn’s face, and everything since then has been atrocious. Enough.

Scandalous Bits

– Papa Pope giving Olivia dating advice? Please no.

– Fitz and Jake singing together made me very uncomfortable.

– The Mellie/Lauren killed me. Hilarious.

– I can’t remember the last time I liked Cyrus as a character. His “dancing on the grave” scene with Liv made me loathe him even more.

– Hopefully, Drunk David Rosen confessing to Abby means she’ll be even more involved in the proceedings. Our favorite redhead deserves major screen time.

– Abby hugging Olivia after the latter claimed that Jake killed Harrison broke my heart.

– Loved the editing of Jake’s interrogation with the shots of his vacation with Liv on the island. Impeccably constructed.


Olivia: I’m working, I’m gladiating.

Mellie: What can I say baby, today you get a twofer… Drunk Mellie and smelly Mellie.

Jake: (to Fitz) It doesn’t matter what the truth is, does it? The only thing that matters is that I put my hands where you think they don’t belong, and now I’m in chains.

Mellie: You see that? Can you read? Reading is fundamental, Lauren.

Abby: You’re the Attorney General of the United States! You can’t do this.
David: Many of my predecessors were distinguished alcoholics.

David: I was trying to be Olivia Pope, and I killed him. Why are we all trying to be Olivia Pope?

Must-Download Tune
Lovely Day by Bill Withers

A solid episode, but I still find myself hating a large portion of the cast. And that can’t be good in the long term right?

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