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Top Ten Quotes: Amanda Collins from Nikita


Welcome to a brand new Nad’s Reviews feature. Every week, I’ll pick one of my favorite TV characters, and highlight ten of their wittiest and most awesome quotes.

We’ll start with one of my favorite baddies of all time, Nikita’s psychopathic and demented villainess, Amanda Collins. Truth be told, it was hard narrowing down the list because everything this woman says is pure gold (and her delivery is everything). But across four glorious seasons, Melinda Clarke managed to create one of the most layered and complex villains of the past decade. Whether she was hatching plots of world domination or employing her wonderfully creative torture methods, she did it all with a heck of a lot of devilish flair to spare.

10 – “Sometimes, vulnerability can be our greatest weapon.”


9 – “I’d offer you some tea but I don’t think these people can boil water.”


8 – “Once I find out who he’s working with, I intend to drown him in a pool of his own acid.”


7 – “Well I hate hyperbole, but I think it’s safe to say that our relationship could change the world.”


6 – “I’m so much worse than all you bitches put together.”


5 – “Sometimes you have to sacrifice a pawn to motivate your knights.”


4 – “How do you like my new lair?”


3 – “She has an explosive in her brain that I have on speed-dial. Who needs trust?”


2 – “(To Alex in a straight-jacket) Do you like it? It’s part of our spring collection.”


1 – “They believe I’m responsible for a massacre… or two.”


Of course I can’t list my top ten quotes without including the COOLEST Amanda moment in the entire show:

Roan: (on the phone) “Nikita’s taken Gains hostage and she’s using him as a body-shield. How should we proceed?”
Amanda: “I have to check with Oversight. Hold…..


… (after checking her nails) Kill them both.”


And that’s all folks. Until next time.


  1. Oh Nadim, I love you for writing this post! Amanda was so great. I still hope we will see a Nikita movie in the near future with Amanda escaping prison =D

    I have another good quote:
    Birkhoff: Amanda, why can't you stay dead.
    Amanda: It wasn't a good color on me.

    I so agree with you for the coolest moment! I also love the scene with Nikita about the fire. You remenber? 😉

  2. Hey Livia. I had a feeling you'd love this list 🙂 Of course I love the fire scene. Not to mention the amazing face-off through the glass in ” Power” – one of the greatest episodes ever. God I miss this show. I feel like rewatching the whole thing! Glad you enjoyed this feature 😀

    Oh, and I love that Amanda/Birkhoff exchange. It was SO close to the top ten!

  3. These are epic!! But I am willing to say that Amanda calmly looking at her nails before saying “kill them both” is my favorite moment on television right now! Miss this show already.

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