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The Flash 1×04 – Going Rogue

“I’ve seen firsthand what this life can do to people. It’s a lonely path.”


Let the crossovers begin!

It was definitely favorable for The Flash to bring Felicity to Central City this early on into the show because she’s a fan-favorite and, let’s face it, she’s kind of awesome. And while one might argue this was done just to bring hype into the episode, I was glad Going Rogue ended up being a very solid installment after a series of mediocre episodes.

Felicity and Barry definitely have chemistry, and I was pleased with their conversation at the train in the end, and that kiss which probably got Olicity fans kicking themselves everywhere. She’s a much better fit for him than Iris can and will ever be (I just still can’t stand her), but I would rather see Felicity in Starling City because she balances out Arrow’s seriousness with some charming wits and charismatic personality, things that we already have here on The Flash with Barry.

One scene that was particularly amazing was her telling Barry that getting along with Oliver and Diggle didn’t happen overnight and that they didn’t start up as this “well-oiled archery machine” that they are now. I loved that because for once I actually found Barry annoying in this episode. It was very quick of him to assume that his STAR labs buddies are, in fact, his bffs now. Cisco had every right to question Barry’s motives back before they all really got to know him, and I’m glad the show is starting to paint its supporting characters as three-dimensional people. Of course, Iris excluded.

There were definitely some “goofy” parts in this episode as well. The villain, Captain Cold, didn’t have much material but I am excited to see Wentworth Miller on this show later on in the season. He was absolutely phenomenal on Prison Break, so let’s hope the writers give him much more the next time he decides to drop by. But it was a bit silly watching Barry in slow-motion for a couple of scenes, especially on that moving train. For a second there, I thought I was watching Spider-Man, which will probably get a TV adaptation as well in a year or two.

Regardless of all the goofiness, though, this was still one of the strongest episodes of this show so far. I didn’t realize there wasn’t a mention of Barry’s mother mystery until way after it was over, and it’s okay to take a break from that once in a while.

Speedy Bits

– Barry simultaneously playing ping-pong, chess and Operation was very amusing. That, and any treadmill scene, is delightful to watch.

– Hilarious: Felicity telling Barry she wants to see “it” when she meant seeing how fast he is. She had some of the best one-liners in this episode, so excuse me if most of the quotes mentioned below are Felicity’s.

– I also loved how Barry was showing off how fast he is to Felicity.

– My favorite moment is Joe telling the annoying detective/Iris’ boyfriend that they aren’t friends. BURN!

– Seriously, how stunning did Miss Smoak look in that black dress? AND the sundress in the beginning?

– This marks the first episode where Barry doesn’t capture the villain. That’s a very acceptable development for a show that I previously complained was being formulaic.

Red Blurs & Quotes

Felicity: When you met us, me, Oliver and Dig, we were this well-oiled archery machine. But it didn’t start out that way. Unlike you guys, we weren’t tossed together overnight. We came together one at a time. Believe me, it took much more than seeing Oliver do the salmon-ladder for me to trust him.

Iris: Are you still gonna tell me she’s not into you? Look at that dress! And when I asked her the boyfriend question…she froze.
Barry: Yeah, you were particularly sly with that one.

Felicity: Just go, stay safe! And I’m talking to air now, which is just weird. And I’m still doing it.

Felicity: Iris is really nice. And really pretty. Like, super pretty. Congratulations.

Felicity: I’m really good at keeping secrets.
Barry: Felicity works with The Arrow.
Cisco: Sweet!
Felicity: And you, apparently, are not.

A solid episode that definitely saw an improvement because of its crossover with Arrow.

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