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The Good Wife 6×06 – Old Spice

"Grace, it's mom. Religion is in my life again."


Could it be that I actually loved the evolution of Elsbeth and Perotti’s relationship this week? The fact that “Call Me Maybe” proved to be such an integral and hysterical element was the icing on top, and it culminated with the pair finally consummating their relationship in a most hilarious manner on top of the redhead’s desk. Sure they sometimes threatened to overshadow the rest of the proceedings (and they’re’ definitely more intriguing than our case-of-the-week), but I’m not complaining.

What a delightful surprise it was to witness the return of the epic Ms. Grubick. The character was a highlight in her previous appearance, and she was just as amusing this week as she caught Carey violating his parole restrictions (on a technicality). And the fact that she knew what Uber was and asked Carey to “click” the app for her? Too priceless. Please writers, keep bringing this outstanding character back as much as possible.

Just as I anticipated, The Powers That Be decided that wasting the Lockhart/Gardner offices was too grave a cost, and now we’ve got Alicia and company back in the set that started it all. I can’t say I’m not happy with that development, because it gave us that downright gorgeous scene with Alicia and Diane walking into their old tarnished offices. Both Christine and Juliana were magnificent here, evoking so much pain and pathos with so little dialogue. Old Spices final moment cemented the storyline’s impact with a heartfelt look shared between the two women across the office as Alicia took her place on Will’s old desk. Simply incredible.

Bits & Cases

– Perotti jumping over the sidewalk grates: a hilarious sight.

– The “in my opinion” judge is back! I love this woman.

– Marissa as Alicia’s assistant/ body woman? Perfect. This girl is slowly becoming a standout character.

– Perotti’s baby lotion fetish was too freakin’ funny.

– I think this season’s greatest accomplishment is the fact that Grace has become so mature and likable. And wow, I do not┬ámiss Zack.

– My favorite scene of the hour: Alicia’s amazing interview as she beautifully plays around the religion card. What a woman.

– Diane and Kalinda using Howard (and his “wisdom”) to get the offices back was a genius move.

– How adorable was Elsbeth telling Perotti she used to be skinner before he could see her naked?

– The sight of Elsbeth in that pink sheet on her desk = priceless.

– Carey’s new bail restrictions include no interactions with Kalinda. I love that.

Good Lines

Alicia: My lack of religion is their business?
Elfman: Yes, you’re asking them to vote for you so they deserve to know who you are.
Alicia: I’m an atheist.
Elfman: They deserve to know who we want them to think you are.

Marissa: I was in Israel for a couple years. Everybody there talks about God. Like he’s some Uncle hiding in the attic.

Alicia: I don’t like pretending to be someone I’m not when I’m being interviewed.
Marissa: Really? You’re good at it.

While not exceptional, this was much stronger than last week’s hour.

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  1. Wow, that last scene between Alicia and Diane..oof, I'm speechless. I feel like this show has been building up to Alicia/Diane being side by side for a very long time. They're both brilliant and I love their return to the Lockhart/Gardner offices. I'm glad we never have to see that horrible LG logo ever again!

    But what's happened to Carey? I don't like his arrest storyline anymore but I'll wait to see how it pans out. Loved seeing Ms. Grubick back! I laughed so hard at how she mispronounced “Lemond Bishop”.

    And Alicia at that interview talking about religion? Fantastic! I love watching her facial expressions after every question. This woman is a godsend (or another word that Alicia would actually approve of hahah).

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