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American Horror Story Freak Show 4×04 – Edward Mordrake (2)

"They said I made men ejaculate gold."


Twisty is dead and I am not happy.

The one genuinely scary thing Freak Show had going for it this year was Twisty. The demented clown was positively terrifying, and he was the season highlight by far. Killing him off so soon into the year feels like a ridiculously dumb move, as AHS is a show that flourishes when there’s an antagonist supplying the proceedings with a sense of urgency and terror. It doesn’t help that Twisty’s backstory didn’t end up being particularly enthralling, so I’m hoping Dandy taking over as the season’s baddie will restore some luster.

I want to say Edward Mordrake ended up being a captivating character, but he was mostly utilized as a narrative device so our characters could divulge a whole lot of exposition and backstory. On the bright side, I was fascinated by Elsa’s disturbing history of sex and perversion. Furthermore, having her lose her legs in a vicious snuff film added a good dose of tragedy and unsettling undertones to the mix. Did anyone feel like the infamous Watchers could be making a return appearance some time this season?

Frightful Bits

– Why is Angela Bassett doing absolutely nothing this year? They better not waste a woman of such enormous talent.

– Surprisingly sweet scene with the town thanking Jimmy and the freaks. That Jimmy sure has no problem taking credit for a heroic move he didn’t commit.

– So David O’Hare is going to be playing a talent scout now? Oh Elsa, you’re going to be played by everyone this year. I excited you to be a tad more intelligent.

– Dandy killing Dora was predictable yet amusing. Patti LaBelle was perfect in the role.

Spooky Slurs

Elsa: Cat got your tongue? My talent has been known to render men speechless, but you’ll have to get over it if we are going to work together.

While it had its moments, this was a below average hour of American Horror Story.

Nad Rating

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