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How To Get Away With Murder 1×06 – Freakin’ Whack-A-Mole

“The justice system doesn’t always reward those who tell the truth, but those who have the power to create their own.”


I’m so glad I didn’t give up on this show after all those lackluster episodes following the pilot, because this was a great hour of television.

I’ve said it a million times before, and I’ll say it again: Viola Davis is FANTASTIC. Her scene in the courtroom interrogating the senator is my absolute favorite Annalise-moment so far, even better than the wig-and-makeup scene we saw a couple of episodes back. There was so much rage and passion in her speech, it was cheer-worthy as I found myself mesmerized and utterly speechless. That was, by far, the highlight of this episode.

Perhaps I enjoyed Freakin’ Whack-A-Mole because the case-of-the-week wasn’t as boring as I was expecting, and because it meant so much to Annalise. For once, it actually felt like the show’s character-centric format was vital to the overall story as well. It wasn’t just used as a storytelling device to throw in some backstory and develop characters by smothering them in our faces; for once, it was even connected to the case through Asher’s father.

Now I’ve always been unsure about Asher; I didn’t hate him, but I always felt like he was thrown in for his witty comments. He proved to be much more when he confronted his father—and a whole lot more when we saw him in bed with Bonnie! That wasn’t quite the ending I expected, and I’m not sure if that was just put in there to throw us off guard because it didn’t make for such a powerful cliffhanger.

What was more exciting was Annalise’s reaction on the phone. This marks the first time we’ve seen Annalise in the flash-forward, and I love how she asks Bonnie if Sam is with her. I’m not sure whether to believe that Annalise doesn’t REALLY know where Sam is, with that shot of the missing rug on her floor, or if the writers are just trying to mislead us. C’mon, guys, she had something to do with the murder, right?

Elsewhere, I refuse to waste your time and write about Wes and Rebecca. I’m not just utterly bored whenever they’re on-screen; I’m seriously quite annoyed as well. The Lila-murder has proven to be the weakest part of this show so far, and that’s a shame considering it’s one of the main season-arcs.

With just nine episodes left for the season, I hope the show has finally found its footing and can continue to produce such effective and entertaining episodes. They need to realize that the stories have to be intertwined for us to start caring more about these characters. Oh, and that Viola Davis is a goddess.

Sneaky Courtroom Bits

– Less of those repetitive flashbacks equals a happier me. Thank you for that, show.

– Seeing Annalise vulnerable in her confrontation with Wes made me very uncomfortable. And then seeing her in his room, on his bed…I thought maybe Wes was a little uncomfortable as well.

– Bonnie is quite the sneaky little thing, isn’t she?! I couldn’t tell if she was trying to protect Frank from Laurel or just keeping him for herself. And I still see all kinds of flirtatious chemistry between her and Sam. But then seeing her with Asher? This woman is an enigma.

– The most ridiculous thing that happened on this episode was Asher tripping on those boxes and stumbling upon a piece of paper that helps them win the case. Talk about good luck, or very cheap writing.

– Who’s got less chemistry: Rebecca and Wes, or Frank and Laurel? I can’t tell.

– I can’t get enough of that courtroom scene with Annalise and the senator. And I loved how she asks David to let her know what he’s having for dinner. Very powerful.

Amusing Keating One-Liners

Annalise: This was the first case that opened my eyes to the fact that the justice system doesn’t always reward those who tell the truth, but those who have the power to create their own. And it’s a fact that’s pissed me off ever since I’ve heard about this case.

Annalise: It’s always the least one you expect.

Michaela: Wow, someone have daddy issues?
Connor: Someone have a gay fiancé?

Wes: Listen to yourself. You just can’t stop lying.

A definite improvement over the past few episodes. This was a highly entertaining hour.

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  1. Seriously that courtroom scene: WOW. So powerful and effective! Viola Davis is EVERYTHING in this show, the rest are just window dressing.

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