Arrow 3×04 – The Magician

"I didn't show Sara the darkness; it was already inside of her when we met."


Last year, Katrina Law made her Arrow debut in one of the show’s finest episodes ever, Heir To The Demon. I’m happy to report that the show’s 50th episode, while not as spectacular, also proved to be an incredibly exciting affair.

The biggest thing The Magician has going for it is how effectively it widens the scope of the show. After a whole lot of foreshadowing over the course of two seasons, the episode culminated with Nyssa paying her infamous father, Ra’s Al Ghul, a visit. I have high hopes for the DC super villain, and I’m optimistic that the show will be able to top (or at least rival) Slade’s epic turn as the second season’s outstanding antagonist.

The Hong Kong flashbacks finally became substantial this week with Waller ordering Ollie to kill a man who was revealed to be Fryer’s handler. We also got some fascinating reveals with the confirmation that it was indeed Amanda Waller who ordered the infamous plane shot down (because she was after China White of all people). I’m all for Kelly Hu returning to Arrow, and hopefully she’ll get some development this time because apart from some great action beats, we really don’t know much about her. Nevertheless, I love that all three seasons of the show are starting to interlock with an overarching storyline that’s slowly but surely bringing everything together.

 And really Nyssa Al Ghul continues to be the coolest badass around. I genuinely hope we see her on a very regular basis this season because she brings out fresh dynamics from the entire cast. Whether she’s blaming Ollie, or belittling Laurel’s new hero trajectory (before finally spurring her on), Katrina Law seamlessly blends into the show’s world. She’s also unapologetic in her quest for vengeance, which is extremely refreshing when we’re constantly dealing with Ollie’s inner turmoil and guilt. Hopefully she’ll be the one to uncover Sara’s killer, as it’s looking pretty likely that Malcolm was right and Nyssa’s father is the one responsible.

Moreover, it’s fascinating to watch Thea and Oliver’s relationship evolve. Both Queens think they have the upper hand, and yet unbeknownst to one another, they’re both still harboring a whole lot of secrets that are bound to create an even bigger rift between the pair. I for one am more than eager to see Thea further delve into the dark side and became one of the show’s baddies. As far as I’m concerned, this cast is now finally free of any weak links as every character now has a purpose. Brilliant!

Bits & Arrows 

– So we finally know why Sara came back to town: she was trying to find Malcolm Merlyn.

– It was very satisfying to see Oliver and Malcolm bring it all out on the table and discuss everything honestly. Stephen Amell and John Barrowman are awesome together!

– Why didn’t Thea (with all her new training) try to fight Nyssa off before getting kidnapped? But more importantly, Roy flipping around before getting darted was a hilarious sight.

– Katie Cassidy sure is getting buff. Check out Laurel’s triceps when she’s leaning on the desk!

– The sight of Thea hanging upside down made me laugh.

– I kind of wanted the three-way fight scene between the three hoods (Arrow, The Dark Archer and Nyssa) to be a bit more epic. It was a bit hard to keep track of since they’re all dressed so similarly.

– Coolest moment: Nyssa flat-out punching Ollie in the cave.

– In case you didn’t know, Felicity was absent this week because she was busy paying The Flash a visit.

– I really loved Nyssa giving Laurel her blessing and I wish she was the one training her. Also, Nyssa compares Laurel’s training to steel and fire, just like Malcolm did with Thea last week. Lazy writing or purposeful parallels?

– Touching moment with Papa Lance calling Sara. It’s going to be heartbreaking when he finds out about his daughter.

– For once I even liked Roy and Thea since their relationship is being rebuilt slowly. This week, little Queen offered her ex-boytoy his job back at Verdant.

Starling Quips

Lance: (to Nyssa) Hey. I almost didn’t recognize you without your Halloween costume.

Diggle: You have Felicity monitoring remote from Central City?
Oliver: No, she told me an idiot could run it.
Wiggle: I will try very hard not to take that personally.

Nyssa: (to Thea) My father may be the demon…But yours is the devil.Nyssa: You’ve reminded me that the strongest metal is forged in the hottest fire.

Nyssa: You’ve reminded me that the strongest metal is forged in the hottest fire.
Lauder: And what’s that supposed to mean?
Nyssa: (walking way) Don’t forget to turn your hips. It’s where the power comes from.

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 A highly ambitious and powerful hour of Arrow. Here’s to another 50 episodes!

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