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Once Upon A Time 4×06 – Family Business

“This is family business.”


Review by Panda
I’m glad we have a reason why Belle has been such a non-presence all season. I just wish it was a reason I liked.

Since episode one there’s been very little for Belle to do. She hasn’t shown much help in re-uniting Anna with her sister, but now we know it’s because she was hiding the fact that she knew Anna a long time ago, and essentially left her for dead.

It’s not just that I’m unhappy with the idea that Belle has been a coward, and acted selfishly, I think the main reason I’m not on board is because it’s all so un-Belle. She’s never once shown that she’s been selfish, so why when an innocent girl is hanging off a cliff would she choose to save her memories of her mother over saving her new friend.

The whole thing feels lazy and engineered just to flesh out the Frozen story. As happy as I am to see these two worlds coming together, I don’t want it to be at the cost of this show’s integrity. Rumple’s story already feels like a convoluted mess, I don’t want Belle’s strength of character brought into question too.

The Snow Queen being a part of Emma’s past is something I actually like, given how mysterious Emma’s past is already. It’s feasible that the two of them crossed paths. I also like that they’ve added in the twist of a third sister into the mix. I can guess that she may have met an accidental end at Ingrid’s hand.


The Snow Queen wants to engineer her own family with Elsa and Emma. Does she have some spell to force them to co-operate?

No Will this week.

He Said, She Said

Regina: “It’s bad enough I’m stuck with you and captain guy-liner making eyes at each other.”

I was really excited at the prospect of a Belle-centric episode, but I think the weight of Arendelle is starting to take its toll on Once. Hopefully things improve a little before the end. The Neverland arc was made up for with a great finish so maybe there’s something to look forward to.

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