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The Good Wife 6×07 – Message Discipline

"I'm going home to get drunk."


This was Alicia being a mess, and it was glorious.

I’ve gotten so used to seeing Mrs. Florrick as a confident, kickass lawyer, that it was extremely jarring to watch her fumble her way through so many painfully awkward situations this week. And yet I loved those scenes, because they did a spectacular job of reminding us that Alicia is human, and that she won’t always be on top of things.

When Alicia was poised to face only Castro at the elections, it was difficult to feel any suspense because it was obvious she would be kicking his ass. That’s what makes Prady entering the race such an exciting prospect; I’m not sure that our heroine will win and that adds a great deal of dread to the proceedings. The Powers That Be could very well have Alicia fail and flop on her face, teaching her a lesson in the process. Whatever the outcome, David Hyde Pierce of Frasier fame is perfectly cast as Alicia’s foil, and I absolutely loved the ambiguity at the end. Was he really undecided until that moment? If that’s the case, then it’s a beautiful parallel to Alicia and Castrol’s climactic face-off a few weeks back.

Can I just say that I think Ramona is an excellent addition to the show? Connie Nielsen is an immediately likable and endearing presence, and as the show so obviously pointed out, she’s just like season one Alicia which makes things really intriguing. I’m looking forward to watching the two share further scenes together; here’s hoping Peter doesn’t try to make a move on his new lawyer.

Sadly, I continue to be over Kalinda, and her relationship with Carey isn’t doing anyone any favors. I get that their texting was supposed to be romantic, but I just want her gone. On the other hand, it’s effective to see Carey suffer so much and discover a brand new charge or complication every single week. Will he hit his breaking point soon?

I love that we began this episode from Polmar’s perspective. However, just like Elsbeth a few weeks back, the show didn’t stick with him for the entire episode which would have made it an even more memorable affair. Nevertheless, it was awesome to see him continue to bond with Alicia (and warn her of the Carey charge), and ultimately drop the resignation bombshell. Does anyone here think he’ll actually open a new firm? I have a feeling he’ll be joining Lockhart/Gardner quite soon. Still, Alicia’s office space should be a good transition phase for him. It still amazed me how much I don’t miss Will. Maybe I never really liked him? If the show ever does end with Alicia and an actual love interest, I’m definitely rooting for Polmar.

Bits & Cases

– Geneva Locke is back. I can’t say she was ever really engrossing as a character. Maybe that will change soon.

– Alicia’s first meeting with Prady is priceless, particularly the mom robbery sticky and her “elderly” cause. I honestly couldn’t’ look at the screen.

– I loved everything about Alicia’s interview with Prady. The prep with Elfman was fascinating (don’t cross your legs, pivot to your message etc…), and the actual live interview was even better with Alicia fumbling the soft questions. And yes, Alicia said horseshit when she lost her cool during the prep. Too good.

– Love that Alicia wants to teach Eli and Elfman something as well. Too bad they didn’t listen and had Castro release the anti-Israel paper (a pretty brilliant move).

– Polmar’s face-off with Castro was great. The latter actually cares more about screwing Alicia through Carey than capturing Bishop. That’s real evil.

-Isn’t it risky for Alicia and Polmar to keep having drinks in public? Especially that she’s running now and supposedly still married.

– Very amusing moment with Alicia and Diane discussing different topics (the interview and Trey Wagner’s death) without noticing. Oh Alicia how your priorities have changed.

– Awesome touch: Alicia putting on glasses to appear more serious before Prady walks n.

– It’s intriguing to note that Alicia is now even more distant and isolated than ever from Carey and the rest of the team, and the Lockhart/Gardner offices illuminate that with the glass separations (unlike the start-up office which was open-air). God this show kills me in the details.

– It bears to be repeated that Alicia was beyond amazing at the end.

Good Lines

Alicia: I’m going home to get drunk.
Eli: That’s a joke, right?
Alicia: It is. I know, don’t joke.

An insightful and terrifically captivating hour of The Good Wife. 

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  1. I enjoyed this episode of The Good Wife. I believe Prady would be a more compelling opponent to Alicia than Castro. The scene between them at the end had a feeling that spoke out to me as, “It's SO on.” I applaud Finn for resigning. I'm surprised he didn't do it sooner. I do believe one day, Finn and Alicia would become romantically involved. But I think the writers are taking their time building up to that which is the right move after Will. My theory is that towards the end of this season, we will see Finn and Alicia's friendship slowly take a complicated romantic turn which Season 7 will explore further.

  2. Wow you are SO right about Alicia being isolated from all the Carey trial stuff as well as most of the legal stuff happening at the firm, and the show illustrating that “distance” through the glass in their new “old” offices is just brilliant. What a perfect little detail! Thanks so much for pointing that out, it made me look at this episode (and season) in a whole other light. I am in awe.

    I cringed sooo bad at Alicia's on-air interview! How realistic was that though? Wow. When will I stop being so fascinated by this show?

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