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Gotham 1×07 – Penguin’s Umbrella

“Having nothing to lose must be liberating.”


Finally, an episode worthy of the Gotham name.

This show has been treading water ever since its superb debut with meaningless storylines and forgetful villains (and a super-boring goat story). But luckily, the show produced a highly effective and game-changing episode thanks to its most developed and terrorizing character, the Penguin.

Everything about this episode, from the beginning with Oswald walking down the streets with a startling grin on his face while Fish Mooney screamed “He’s alive?!” to the shocking twist at the end revealing Oswald and Falcone working together, was pulse-pounding and action-packed fantastic. Hey, I even found Barbara a bit interesting. But maybe that’s because for a second there, I actually thought she was about to bite the dust.

But mostly, this was Jim’s episode. While the focus was definitely on Oswald, I really felt Benjamin McKenzie’s performance as detective Gordon to be powerful. He realized once and for all that letting this terrifying man named Oswald live had a dangerous effect on him and the entire city. Putting Barbara’s life in danger was great (again, mostly because I thought she was a goner) and the two shared some truly emotional scenes together. I might actually be warming up to this couple.

Fish, on the other hand, continues to be underwhelming. I do hope Oswald gets to take her down soon because I can’t say I find any of her scenes interesting. However, Victor Zsasz was kind of a badass. It was truly terrifying when he called for Jim in the police-station followed by a much-less terrifying action scene. But how creepy was Maroni with those nuns? Man, that was just brutal.

But I love this side of Gotham. There was no foolish or goofy storyline in this episode. It was pure darkness from beginning till end. Which brings us to that flashback. It was very amusing to see how Oswald and Flacone teamed up, and I love that while our hero Jim is a good guy, he has to live with the fact that it’s going to cost this city a whole lot of blood.

Bat Bits

– Robin Taylor gave a stunningly amazing performance. The guy is frightening to look at, honestly, and that’s what’s awesome about him.

– Is Harvey about to become a good cop? Probably not, but his dynamic with Jim is definitely improving. Great character development here.

– Zsasz cutting himself was so wicked and dark!

-Alfred is a badass apparently. Kinda saw that coming, but not that early on into the show.

– Seriously, that chain of nuns was insane and jaw-dropping. Well done, Gotham.

– Bruce Wayne got very limited screen-time, but hugging Jim was a very sweet moment for a show that rarely delivers on the emotional aspect.

– This week saw Gotham cranking up the action a whole lot. We had cops being shot, a man brutally stabbed to death, a bunch of gun-pointing and an arm twist. That last one was kinda awesome; good job, Alfred.

Cracks From Gotham

Sal: There’s nothing more dangerous than an honest man.

Harvey: So I’ve been thinking, you’re still a douchebag. But you have the moral high ground. So I’m gonna back our play, whatever it is. I figure I’m doomed anyhow, I might as well join the good guys.

Oswald: Hong, honk.
Sal: What?
Oswald: Honk, honk. It’s what geese say.

Jim: Prove it. Prove you have her [Barbara].
Falcone: I could. But I won’t. I want you to believe me.

Zsasz: Alive is a very broad category.

A fantastic episode that truly upped the stakes and moved the show to a level it should’ve reached a lot earlier.

Chris Rating


  1. Perfectly stated Chris. I absolutely LOVED this episode. Finally a great episode after weeks of atrocious below-average hours. I'm praying this continues and we don't return to the lame standalone stuff next. What an hour. Brilliant, and game-changing indeed!

  2. It's always the previously unseen scene that does the job. Always. 🙂

    I agree with you on the Fish Mooney angle.
    She has outdone her usefulness.
    She gotta go and find Nemo soon. Hehehe.

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