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Grey’s Anatomy 11×06 – Don’t Let’s Start

“You'll be playing that card until the end of freaking time!”


Review by Tagouga
After a series of enjoyable episodes, we were presented with an hour so boring I honestly wasn’t able to get through it all in one sitting.

April’s mother is in town and while grandma is very excited to help her daughter when it comes to the baby, April is not happy about it. For me, April is one of the most annoying characters on the show which is why I was not thrilled that she had a whole lot of screen time on this episode. But what made things even worse is her total over-reaction. I understand her family might be suffocating sometimes, which we recall from previous episodes, but it’s not like the mother totally overstepped her boundaries.

Derek made an effort to bring Webber and Pierce together to help his wife have a family around her. And while the two appeared to be making baby steps, Maggie was completely resentful and rude towards Richards saying she was not there to look for a father. But why was she interested in finding out about her mother but not her father? Is it just because of the fact that her mother was THE Ellis Grey? Again, I find the fact that she is mad at Richard for not being upfront with her from the beginning quite hypocritical considering the fact that she, herself, didn’t directly reveal her identity to her sister.

Finally, the Geena Davis character has been given a storyline. Apparently she has an inoperable brain tumor and has only 6 months to live. She gives Arizona a choice: either keep the secret and learn from her, or come clean and lose the opportunity to discover fetal surgery. I have a feeling this will be another Burke case, who he didn’t reveal the true condition of his hand injury. Arizona will decide to keep the secret until Davis is asked to operate on an infant while she is not in full shape (April’s baby maybe?) and there will be repercussions down the line.

Bits & Scalpels

– The continuous development of Alex Karev’s character is great. He was spot on in every scene of this episode.

– Derek scolding Meredith and Webber was funny.

– Fun Fact: The Veteran Storyline was actually pitched by the Obama Administration to raise awareness for homeless veterans.

Grey Banter

Meredith: I have to have dinner with the sister I don’t know and the bio-dad she hates because you gave up your chance to work for Obama?!

Dr. Herman: I want to know that the specific words that I wrote are now embedded in your brain.

Dr. Herman: Feels strange, doesn’t it? To touch a baby before he’s even born? You know what it feels like? Privilege. Great privilege.

Maggie: Just, you have to start. And take baby steps.
Bailey: Is that a short joke?

Must-Download Tunes
Mary J. Blige – Not Loving You
Mary J. Blige – Long Hard Look

Storylines are moving incredibly slow which made for a very dull episode of Grey’s.

Tagouga Rating


  1. So true. A terribly boring hour although I loved the Geena Davis twist (as repetitive as it is). Still wasn't enough to make the hour worthwhile. Thank God the Blige songs were nice!

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