Revenge 4×07 – Ambush

"Only you could frame lying to me as a kindness."


Weird, I actually enjoyed this episode quite a bit. Maybe it’s because I always have tremendously low expectations going into Revenge these days? Because this wasn’t pure garbage. In fact, it was very entertaining (as opposed to the rest of this wretched season).

Credit must be given where credit is due, and I applaud the writers for the Daniel-Emily scene in the elevator. That kind of honest exchange was four seasons in the making, and it felt remarkably satisfying to see the playboy confront his ex-wife while she openly discussed her identity. Truth be told, at this point in the show’s run, I’d prefer to have Emily with Daniel (as opposed to Jack) seeing as how these two have ACTUAL chemistry. Maybe it’s the fact that they’ve been dating in real-life for so long, but I miss their dynamic and having them banter is oh so amusing.

Now, how exactly was I supposed to feel about the much-hyped father-daughter reunion coupled with Victoria’s very random electrocution at the end? On one hand, it was admittedly satisfying to watch Emily storm into her old house and reveal her identity to David (kudos VanCamp for a stunning performance), but why bookend that with Vicky getting zapped and David running to her aid? Are they trying to tell us that David would choose Vicky over his own daughter? Or maybe Emily was responsible for that jolt? It’s all so very bizarre and haphazard as a cliffhanger, but I’ll try to reserve judgment until I see what the writers have in store for us next week.

Once again, Lousie’s whacky brand of nuttiness is extremely amusing, and I adored her watching her almost succeed in killing off Margaux in the steam-room. It was all so very ridiculous, but I couldn’t help but root for Louise. Also, her conversation with Nolan was spot-on; get these two a spinoff.

Vengeful Bits

– I wish shows would stop with in-media-res openings. At least Stowe looked stunning crashing onto the floor.

– Cringeworthy scene with David visiting Emily and her not telling him the truth. I did like the baby shower continuity though (with Amanda’s fall). Less interesting was Victoria bribing the stripper with a necklace she stole back from an old friend. And did she also smack her thigh? Awkward.

– Louise’s mother who appears in hallucinatory form is none other Cougar Town’s Barb! That was a delightful surprise!

– Was that Vicky friend sitting on the Queen’s old chair?

– As much as I loved the Daniel/Emily scene in the elevator, why did she not bring up the gunshot from season three? That point still irks me.

– At least Emily remembered some of her skills this week – as evidenced by her breaking into the bank.

– Couldn’t Vicky have paid the hooker with 20 dollars instead of such an expensive necklace?

– Nice little detail with David and Nolan on the cover of the newspaper behind Daniel on the street.

– Louise copy/pasting Vicky’s head on the iPad was priceless.

– Again I’ll reiterate: Ben really sucks. What a pointless character.

– I honestly didn’t expect Daddy to have pics of faux-Amanda’s life. I’m still hoping he ends up being our Big Bad.

– Nolan owns the country club now. Thrilling.

– Is James Tupper a horrible actor or is David Clarke just terribly written?

– Margaux splashing Daniel with her drink after realizing he slept with Louise was highly amusing.

– Quite sneaky of Victoria to wear the earnings that David once gave her (as evidenced by the flashbacks). This woman just never stops.

Devious Delights

Nolan: What good is an insomniac bestie if not for midnight house calls?

Emily: So why are you here?
Daniel: Because in this nuclear war you have with my mother, the blast zone keeps getting bigger and bigger, and I want no part of it.

Emily: (to Daniel) I will break you in half.

Louise: You were much better than I imagined. Pretty boys, they don’t generally try very hard.

Nolan: I used to be happy when I was trending.

Louise: Because at the end of the day, you can have something that all these other people can’t.
Nolan: And what’s that?
Louise: Anything you want.

Revenge is still far past its prime, but at least this was an enjoyable watch. Props for that I guess.

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  1. I was actually really waiting for your review of the ep. I enjoyed quite a lot of scenes and I was wondering if you felt the same about it. I LOVED the elevator scene, I would love more Daniel/Emily exchange. Really agree with you on the chemistry thing. I also enjoyed the way Emily told her father about her identity. I think it was the only real way this could go: Emily in rage and not controlling herself anymore. It was very emotional. But the ending was quite anticlimactic in my opinion. It took the whole weight of the revelation away…we'll see what they had in mind.

  2. A very entertaining episode indeed. I was surprised I like it so much considering how ridiculous and soapy it felt at times. But Emily's performance in the end was truly AMAZING. Loved how she accidentally slipped out the fact that she's Amanda, it was all just so real.

  3. I am glad you enjoyed this episode because I did as well. I loved the elevator scene, it almost makes me wish Emily and Daniel get back together, but given their history this is not likely the case.

    Thank God they didn't drag the reunion much longer, that final scene with Emily and David was very emotional (that Emily VanCamp keeps on delivering one marvelous performance after the other). But I hated the fact that it was a bit overshadowed by Victoria's “accident”.

    I thought you were gonna give this episode an A if only for the fact that THERE WAS NO CHARLOTTE!!!! 🙂

  4. Oh my lord I completely FORGOT that Charlotte wasn't in it. You're right that's just beyond spectacular! That alone bumps it up to a B+! Haha. Let's pray she doesn't return anytime soon; it can't be a coincidence this was the first amusing episode in a while!

  5. Hated the anticlimax, but like almost everything else this season, it's clearly just another way to keep Emily and David from talking to each other. I also wasn't a fan of death by steam room. It seems overly soap opera cliche. Liked the rest of the ep, especially the elevator scene and everything non-steamroom related about Louise. She's is sooo batcrap crazy, I love it.

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