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Gotham 1×08 – The Mask

“I’m not gonna stop, Harvey. Falcone, Mayor, every cop I know that’s dirty…I’m gonna get ‘em. You should know that.”


Well that was a very quick tour back to “average” Gotham.

After a very successful game-changing episode last week, the show went back to being full-on procedural with a very boring villain-of-the-week that added nothing to the major arc. This was a slow, disappointing hour.

I was particularly annoyed with Barbara. Chances are we’ll see her again soon, but it was disappointing the way the writers handled this character. She’s been nothing but useless so far, but Penguin’s Umbrella saw a potential in developing her relationship with Jim and there seemed to be a tiny hope of redemption for this character. All that was torn down this week when she pointed a gun at Jim and freaked out when he wouldn’t talk to her on the phone. That was her cue to just drop everything and leave, which is also cue for incredibly lousy writing. Not sure if I’ll miss her if she never returns.

Someone else I realized I didn’t miss? Selina Kyle. While I know we can’t expect this show to deliver excellent episodes every week, there’s really no excuse to bring back this dull character who was partly the reason of the show’s early mishaps. I do hope I’m wrong and that they develop young Catwoman in a splendid way next week, but so far I am not impressed.

I did enjoy every bit of Bruce we got, though. His scenes are just seriously very amusing, and Alfred teaching him how to fight (and even encouraging it) is all kinds of awesome. Their relationship is the most enjoyable one on this series so far, and I hope we’ll see more of that (and less of everyone else). Fish Mooney, for example, continues to get plenty of screen-time which just infuriates me because she really isn’t terrifying at all. However, Oswald continues to be a joy to watch. His creepy scene as he talked to his mother was, well, creepy. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. That’s all the characters in this episode did, though: just talk.

Bat Bits

– Fish had a bunch of weird necklace choices this week, all of which were very distracting and weird.

– Speaking of Fish, I usually take a little nap whenever she’s getting screen-time, but her subplot was surprisingly interesting this time around when she was opening up to Liza about her childhood and told her that her mother was murdered by Falcone’s men, while her mother was actually performing an awkward little song a few feet away.

– Harvey is definitely growing on me. He’s developed into a much more llikable cop, but there’s something about his final scene with Jim that’s still a bit mysterious.

– How ridiculous was the fight scene in the bathroom which ended with our bad guy smacking his head in the door as Harvey walked in? Major LOL moment.

– After punching a guy in the face, Bruce asked for pizza. To be fair, that guy seriously deserved a punch. What a douche.

– Best scene: Harvey and Jim’s quiet talk in the end. McKenzie has been delivering outstanding heartfelt performances on this show, so kudos for that.

Cracks From Gotham

Liza: I don’t know whether I’m his mad, his lover, or his mother.
Fish: Or all three.

Jim: It’s what they represented. A different Gotham. Decent, hopeful. Whatever it was, it’s gone now.

Fish: When I order some fool killed, I expect him to stay that way.

Harvey: You left your whole thumb in his mouth. You got style.

A weak follow-up to Penguin’s Umbrella. This show needs some faster writing and less useless characters.

Chris Rating

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  1. So true. I at least loved Bruce kicking ass (thanks to an encouraging Alfred), and Fish's first intriguing subplot since the show began! Please don't disappoint us show.

    And God, Barbara. I have no words.

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