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Scandal 4×08 – The Last Supper

"It's always the ones closest to us, the ones who say they care. They're the ones who do the most damage."


Could it be? Is Scandal back on track? Because for the third week in a row, I’m starting to feel like this show could thrive again; I haven’t been this impressed since season two. Wow!

Maybe it’s because this felt like Rowan’s final appearance in a long, long time, but the character’s tiresome monologues didn’t grate on me nearly as much as they usually do. In fact, I absolutely loved his entire storyline with Olivia this week. We all knew he probably had some ace up his sleeve, but watching him pull the rug out from under his daughter and her boy-toys was sensational. Those final ten minutes were astoundingly realized, as they slowly escalated the stakes with the snipers being taken out and the reveal of the fake B613 papers. And truth be told, I am glad that Papa Pope is gone for now. This at least allows Liv to gain some agency back and continue to kick ass like she’s been doing the past few weeks.

I don’t know if I’m naive but I never once thought Andrew could have a slimy bone in his body. That’s why I was especially shocked to see him meet with Elisabeth and Kubiak, before engaging in some make-out action with the former (not too long after rekindling his steamy affair with Mellie after surviving an assassination attempt). Poor Mellie, constantly faced with unfaithful men. Nevertheless, I loved this twist because it effectively tied all our storylines together from the Liv photographs right down to Cyrus’ hellish situation (and let’s be clear, that slightly rape-y scene with Michael, the man-whore with the heart of gold, was very disturbing).

How was this not the midseason finale? One more episode to go before a two-month hiatus. Let’s hope next week continues this incredible streak.

Scandalous Bits

– The opening bunker scene between Liv, Jake and Fitz was a stunner. I particularly loved Jake’s incessant criticism of Fitz for calling him by his first name and then teasing him with the “standing in the sun” shtick. Perfect.

– I could have done without the repetitive “kiss me” scene in the hallway. Although I respect the fact that so many shows are rooting for Fitz and Liv, enough is enough.

– I’m not sure why Liv protects Cyrus here and screws over Liz; it’s not like Cyrus has been a loyal confidante lately. In fact, he’s the slimiest one of all.

– I liked Olivia and Huck judging each other. It at least makes the latter a tad more interesting.

– How great was Liv’s tearful call to Rowan? Although it was an act, those emotions were certainly fuelled by the “boys” acting like selfish jerks. Also, I totally predicted Liv saying she was the “shiny object”.

– Wasn’t Kubiak a bit too superhuman there at the end? He sure was able to fight off Huck and Quinn effectively. Thankfully, his death was brutal with the shard of glass slicing his neck. Less effective was Javi dropping the ice cream. Cliche much?

– Loved Rowan apologizing to Olivia and making her feel bad during the dinner. It’s always great to see Olivia shattered.


Jake: (to Fitz and Olivia) Should we each take turns hugging? Or how does this work, exactly?

Fitz: Look, Jake…
Jake: Captain Ballard. Jake is what my friends call me. You’re not my friend, Mr. President. Friends don’t put you in prison for crimes you didn’t commit. They don’t refuse to hear you when you’re telling them the truth. They don’t hit you when you can’t hit back. So from this point forward, when you refer to me, it will be as Captain Ballard, is that understood?

Jake: (to Fitz) That’s one of our catchphrases, “standing in the sun.” I’m not sure if you knew that. Probably not. It’s from our time on the island together. Did Liv ever catch you up on that?

Olivia: (to Liz) I don’t like you. You cut corners, you’re mean to assistants, you never share credit, and you lie. But I admire what you’ve accomplished. I respect how hard you work. And I don’t have to be your friend to do my job brilliantly.

Rowan: You may love these boys, Olivia, and they may even love you, but they are not your family. These boys may go to battle for you. They, perhaps, might even kill for you. But after the conquest, after they’ve enjoyed the spoils, they will move on to other battles, other conquests, other spoils. You’re disgusting. That may be, but I am still your father and I will be here for you long after these boys have revealed themselves to be who they really are. I will be here to pick up the pieces, to put you back together, and remind you of who you really are.

Olivia: You don’t go this way. Go another way.
Fitz: It’s a bunker. There’s only one way.

Huck: (to Liv) So we’re going behind our client’s back to help someone who’s not our client in hopes of screwing our client?

Huck: Did Kubiak make a move?
Quinn: Only towards type 2 diabetes.

Jake: (to Fitz) Did you really just turn to her to take your side? You know what? Maybe just once, instead of getting yourself laid, you’ll do what’s best for the mission.

Mellie: (to Andrew) I was so angry at you that you had to not exist. I needed to erase you. And then Jerry died. And I erased me, too.

Rowan: (to Liv) For the first time in your life, you are on your own. You think the world is so terrible with me in it? Wait till you see what it’s like without me.

Must-Download Tune
Workin’ Day and Night by Michael Jackson

The Last Supper is yet another perfect hour of Scandal with an equal dose of intensity and emotion. It looks like we’re on a roll again people.

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  1. I don't think we've seen the last of Rowan yet. There's a glimpse of him in the promo of this week's episode. I hope someone kills the son of bitch. He's gotten on my last nerve, especially after he torn down Olivia in that dinner scene. I hate how he makes her feel like a frightened little girl. Olivia needs to rid herself of that feeling by taking down her father once and for all with no chance of escape and getting back up. My dream scenario is Olivia trapping her father with her mother and letting the both of them kill each other without her getting her hands dirty.

    I think Andrew is really in love with Mellie and is using Elizabeth as a means to an end which is the downfall of his President followed by him taking Fitz's place and Mellie as his own First Lady.

    I honestly don't care for either of the men vying for her affections. I think what made Olivia's fake tearful phone call to her father so effective is that she was using what she truly felt about the situation with Fitz and Jake to her advantage.

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