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Grey’s Anatomy 11×07 – Can We Start Again, Please?

“Everybody lived here.”


Guest Review by Tagouga
While this hour did not completely salvage the disaster that was last week’s, one thing is true: this felt like a Grey’s Anatomy hour. From the emotional medical cases, to the doctors drama, and the light fun moments back at Meredith’s old house, it all made for an enjoyable episode.

The rivalry between Amelia and Derek continues as details about Amelia’s troubled past are spread around the hospital. Derek immediately stepped in and took over the case, an action he justified to Meredith by telling her that his plan is to explain the situation to Owen himself. But later on, when confronted by Owen about whether Amelia was qualified to remain head of neuro, his lack of answer proved that he was not thinking about defending his sister, but rather he saw an opportunity to have his old job back and he took it at her expense. Derek has undermined Amelia on many occasions before but this was the worst time. Luckily, he did come to his senses and defended his sister at the board meeting which helped her keep her job. Derek is definitely at his worst at the moment, he truly hit rock bottom. I hope this dark side of him is further developed. It would be interesting to have him be something other than the perfect McDreamy everyone fell in love with. Patrick Dempsey delivered a great performance this hour both at the board meeting and that last scene with Amelia.

The other drama of the hour involved Arizona and Dr. Herman. Arizona found herself forced to make a tough call when it came to one of Herman’s patients, as the latter was nowhere to be found. Unfortunately, while she was able to save the baby, the mother ended up dead after a C-section didn’t go so well. Herman acknowledging that Arizona did the right decision and talking to the father was something I did not expect. But now at least, Arizona changed her mind about going to Hunt with Herman’s secret and is willing to learn all about fetal surgery. I love Arizona and Alex working together, the two makes a great team.

Bits & Scalpels

– The Nazi is back! Bailey giving Jo a lesson was the highlight of the episode.

– Loved the cheers to O’Malley. I miss George!

– That scene with everyone back at the house felt so natural. A true Grey’s moment.

– Meredith and Amelia’s relationship is evolving, and it was quite nice seeing her make an effort with Maggie as well.

– The patient refusing to let go of his wife and telling them “She’s mine” was heartbreaking.

Grey Banter

Jo: I have got this procedure down, and I am not afraid of Little Bitty Dr. Bailey.

Bailey: Think you could turn the faucet on for me, Dr. Badass? I’d do it myself, only I’m so Little Bitty.

Edwards: Hey, I’m gonna be here with you, okay?
Bailey: Edwards, out.
Edwards: Yes, ma’am.

Jo: You are so mean.
Bailey: I am, indeed. Tell all your Little Bitty friends.

Callie: George was my ex-husband.
Maggie: I’m sorry. Your husband?
Alex: Yeah, she does dudes, too.
Callie: True. I did him once.

Callie: We’re all related through sex. We all have sexual relations. That is horribly weird.

Must-Download Tunes
Ella Eyre – Home
BROODS – Medicin

A very well written and enjoyable episode of Grey’s.

Tagouga Rating

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  1. So true Tag. Just saw this episode (I know I'm late) and I loved it. Love MCDreamy going so dark and borderline unlikeable, and I even enjoyed Herman.

    Plus that song by Ella (whom I already adore). Perfection.

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