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The Good Wife 6×09 – Sticky Content

"How about the music from Titanic? You could even cut to shots from Titanic."


At the risk of sounding like a fangirl, I must make one thing perfectly clear: I can’t get enough of Alicia and Finn’s dynamic.

I honestly can’t remember the last time I watched a couple with this much sexual tension. I almost had to restrain myself from screaming out at Finn to kiss Alicia already. However, I’m glad nothing happened between the two as I would prefer their eventual union to be the culmination of everything they’ve been through, as opposed to being a knee-jerk reaction to Peter and Ramona’s fling. Kudos writers, because the prospect of Alicia and Finn is the first time this show has had an endgame couple worth rooting for.

Speaking of Peter, has he ever been this unlikable? The writers had me fooled for a few seasons there where he genuinely felt like a changed man, but the revelation that he slept with Ramona while Alicia was still pregnant (the lowest move of all), and that he rekindled the flame after hiring her was beyond reprehensible. Thankfully this storyline allowed Margulies to knock even more scenes out of the park. If you had any doubts that she was the greatest actress on the medium, look no further than her joint interview with Peter as Margulies carefully exerted just the right dose of fake cheer and seething anger. And what about Alicia stumbling through her second taping for her own campaign video? This woman… I have no words!

In addition, everything concerning Alicia’s campaign videos was top-notch. From Josh the snarky editor, to the hilarious cuts and faux-marketing coupled with Alicia’s various reactions – it was all terrifically insightful and entertaining. And how awesome was Alicia berating Peter then strutting out in that red dress, ready to answer all the controversial questions about the courthouse? I love super-confident Alicia, and that was perfectly contrasted with her redoing the interview (after Prady’s mom wore the same dress) and stumbling through it. Again, gold acting stars Miss Margulies.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to get attached to agent Delaney when we know practically nothing about the character. The girl’s been guest-starring on the show for years, and the only thing we’re sure of is that she’s willing to take her pants off every time Kalinda’s in the vicinity. The Good Wife is usually so adept at crafting multi-dimensional supporting characters, which makes Delaney’s lack of development quite disappointing. Are we supposed to care that she’s going to be questioned by her FBI bosses when we have absolutely zero attachment to the character?

Although Carey’s storyline should have started to grate by now, having his life threatened by Bishop proved to be a good shot of adrenaline for the show. His visit to Bishop’s house at the end was appropriately suspenseful, and the different flashes Carey had of his death were jarring and suitably creepy. And hey, his new bodyguard just might be a hilarious new source of comedy for the show. I’m loving the chemistry already.

Cases & Bits

– Carey snapping at the FBI director and revealing Delaney relationship with Kalinda was GLORIOUS.

– Prady sure is a cipher. I really couldn’t get a handle on him, particularly when he gave Alicia the box of dirt and promised not go “negative” on her.

– Beautifully acted moment by Margulies as she opens Prady’s box and her various reactions to her pictures with Polmar, Will, and of course Peter and Ramona! And what does she do? She calls Peter and asks him to join her for the interview.

– The credits have indeed been changed. Weird.

– Sneaky sneaky Alicia mentioning “late nights” at Peter’s office to Ramona.

– Alicia glaring at Ramona during the interview in-between faking smiles: priceless.

– There were two moments of hand-holding in the hour and they couldn’t be more different. The first time, it’s Alicia taking Peter’s hand during the interview and it’s a calculated move that’s incredibly fake. The second occurs when Polmar takes Alicia’s hand and they share a moment in his office and it’s so very genuine.

– Was Alicia insinuating that she would have made a move on Polmar had her office walls not been made of glass? That sure seemed like the case.

– Alicia referencing ¬†“child services” and using a southern accent = comedy gold.

– I hated Ramona crying and Peter comfort kissing her. He really disgusts me at this point.

– Hilarious video with an animated Alicia in bed with Sweeney and Lemond. “Who is Alicia in bed with now?”¬†Pure evil!

Good Lines

Josh: I… like your hair that way.
Alicia: I do, too. Let’s do it now.

Delaney: Kalinda… I love you. I would anything for you, but I can’t bend space and time.
Kalinda: Try.

Alicia: I’m sorry, I was… in a weird mood.
Finn: And the mood is gone?
Alicia: The mood is… worrisome.

Alicia: This is Alicia.
Eli: Hi. We have a problem.
Alicia: I would expect nothing less

Alicia: You think I give a crap, enough to follow you? They were taken by another campaign. They’re gonna use this against me. And you. And I won’t stand beside you. Not again, Peter. Not in a million years. So… don’t listen to me, keep lying to me, I don’t care. But do listen to your political instincts. You want to be re-elected. You want me to be elected. Then zip up your pants, shut your mouth, and stop banging the help. …some for later.

Eli: Josh, we have to redo the interview in a new dress.
Alicia: Well, can’t you guys digitally, you know, do whatever it is you do?

Ramona: We’re bad people.
Peter: I know.

Josh: Even the nutty lady thinks you should hit back.
Marisa: Thank you for the “nutty lady,” but he’s right.

With tight direction and a clever script, Sticky Content is a fascinating hour of The Good Wife.

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  1. I'm shocked at how much I love Alicia and Finn together, even more so than Alicia/Will. A part of me wants them to be endgame but another part actually wants Alicia to not have a man on her side. She's grown so much, she certainly doesn't need one anymore!

    The first 2 seasons, the characters on this show ALWAYS used the word “phone” instead of “call” (as a verb too!) and it annoyed me so I found it hilarious when Carey addressed this issue. Funny meta moment, I loved it!

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