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The Affair 1×06 – Episode 6

“Do you think me being here with you is an accident? It’s a choice.”


It will be a true shame if this show goes unrecognized at the awards shows this year because it has proven that it takes risks, only six episodes in, and is more entertaining than most shows on the air right now.

This was a truly game-changing episode. We’ll start with Noah’s first lie. He told the detective in the last episode that he doesn’t know about a place called The End, and that he’s never been there. Then the first scene of Episode 6 starts with him at this club called The End. I love the subtlety of this occurrence. It’s not being thrown in our faces, I barely even recognized it at first, but it’s right there for us to see. While watching this show, one thing is certain: you cannot blink, or you’ll miss the ride.

There’s no clue as to why this place is important now, and it was actually a very welcoming change of pace not to have any flash-forwards this time around. The beauty of this show is that it’s juggling being a bunch of things all at once, and it’s doing it in sheer perfection.

Oscar’s presence, for example, in Noah’s version turned out to be extremely necessary for Alison’s side of it. And I think I’m starting to totally hate-love Oscar. The way he manipulated Noah into thinking he was calling the police on the Lockharts, knowing that he would warn Alison, was exactly what he needed to prove that these two are having an affair. Absolutely mind-blown by this. This guy is a villainous genius.

What I’m also finding captivating about this show is the way Noah sees Helen, and the way Alison sees Cole. It’s so compelling because these really aren’t their real personalities: these are just what Noah and Alison see of them, and if you let this show mind-fuck you this much then it’s safe to say that it’s brilliant. Noah rushing back into his wife’s arms and hugging her (and doing a little more than that) after finding out that about the Lockharts’ secret felt very real. Kudos to Dominic West for his flawless performance portraying the psychological effects of being a confused husband having an affair.

While the fast-paced events took place nearly halfway through the episode, I still can’t stop thinking about the tiny details as well. Noah’s friend Max adding to Helen’s doubt about where her husband has been spending his time got me so anxious. I don’t want her finding out—and then I do. And how amazing was it to see Noah in his side of it trying to make plans with Alison and talking about the future—and then in Alison’s version she’s the one talking about running away together while he just breaks up with her on his front door? Are you obsessed with this show yet?

Unfaithful Flings & Bits

– The introduction of Max’s character was actually done pretty well. I loved how he wanted to go back to the party and find “the girl in the red dress” and then how he spots her while with Noah and the family. That whole lunch-scene was just pure perfection.

– While the drug plot changes a lot about the status quo of this show, I don’t think it weakens it at all. This feels like the beginning of something even greater coming along.

– Martin is a bit mysterious, no? Why would he let the horse go like that? Do you even remember how he tried to hang himself to death in the first episode? I don’t know if I like this kid, but Joshua Jackson going insane at him like that was downright scary.

– Scotty is getting more screen-time, hooray!

– Alison’s exchange with her mother-in-law was also brilliant. Helen calling the Lockharts to check up on her son really made for some interesting chatter.

– Who else was looking for Noah lurking around somewhere in the background in Alison’s version as she went to the docks and grabbed the cooler?

– Noah remembers Alison wearing ALL BLACK as he follows her, but in her version she’s wearing a very house-wifey orange-pink shirt and a long blue skirt.

Adulterous Sayings

Oscar: All this time I thought you were in mourning. You wanted to fuck someone, Bailey, you could’ve fucked me. It didn’t have to be some married yuppie summer slut.

Cole: Martin, I gotta ask you something, and it’s important so I need you to be honest with me. Have you had breakfast yet?

Noah: I need to know how someone in Montauk could score some drugs.
Whitney: Score some drugs? Wow.

Alison: I could be your mistress.
Noah: I don’t like that word.
Alison: What would you prefer?
Noah: Concubine.

Alison: Let’s be honest, Cole. We’re miserable here.

A gripping and complex hour of The Affair. Why am I not surprised?

Chris Rating

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