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The Flash 1×06 – The Flash Is Born

“That particle accelerator is the gift that keeps on giving.”


Hooray, we’re finally dropping Red Streak out of the dictionary and starting to call Barry “The Flash”. But that wasn’t even one of the best parts of the episode.

This show has easily become one of my favorite new shows of the season. This episode flowed effortlessly from its several subplots, but it was Wells and Joe’s interactions that added great intrigue and complexity to the hour. It was a clever move to add a heartwarming backstory to Wells’ character, and while we’re still somehow led to believe that he’s keeping some kind of humongous secret (other than possibly a gorilla), there’s no way that man in yellow in the end was him. He wouldn’t come out and threaten Joe to kill Iris (more on her horrible subplot later) after the conversation the two men had. It’s satisfying to know that we’re getting somewhere with this major arc, though (unlike whatever’s happening with Gotham).

Speaking of Gotham, was it a coincidence that a young Bruce Wayne was training at boxing with his father-figure in the latest episode similarly to a young Barry Allen with Joe? The flashbacks really worked this time and didn’t feel unnatural (although I do wonder about Joe and how he doesn’t age).

The “man of steel”, though, just didn’t do it for me simply because he used Iris, the worst character on the show, as leverage. I see absolutely no point in keeping The Flash’s identity from her a secret while he has no problem revealing himself as Barry to his villains. I’m sure this will come back to bite him in the ass one day, perhaps when these villains discover a way to escape the STAR labs metahuman prison (season finale, anyone?).

Heck, even Eddie was more interesting than Iris in this episode. Seemingly one-dimensional, douchebag, useless Eddie had some truly great material that totally redeemed his character. I’m definitely warming up to him, and I would love to see more Barry/Eddie training scenes. Those were absolutely delightful moments especially when their conversation ended up being more and more about how to overcome bullying.

The only weak link of the show continues to be Iris, and more specifically her relationship with Barry. I see no reason to get them to reconcile so quickly, and Barry giving Iris the idea behind The Flash’s new name would’ve been much more effective if the episode title didn’t already give it away. She’s still an ineffective addition to a cast that’s working perfectly and with great chemistry together. And seriously, who in their right mind would still be blogging about the Red Stre—err, The Flash after being in danger twice on the same day?

Speedy Bits

– Incredibly cheesy and cringe-worthy opening voiceover from Iris. I don’t ever want to hear the word “impossible” on this show, ever again.

– Not very fond of the continuous slow-motion effects the show uses, but the final action scene with Barry delivering the punch was indeed awesome.

– I will believe that Iris STILL hasn’t recognized The Flash. Why, I don’t know.

– It was a nice thing of Caitlin to be worried about Barry fighting with the man of steel.

– Iris is really stupid. Just sayin’.

– Could Eddie really be Reverse Flash? That would definitely make his character a lot more interesting.

Red Blurs & Quotes

Iris: What should I call you?
Barry: Anything but the Red Streak.

Harrison: What exactly are we debating?
Cisco: How many bugs Barry swallows in a day of running.
Harrison: I look forward to seeing you accept your Nobel.

Cisco: Your childhood nemesis is now an unstoppable metahuman. That is seriously messed up!

Barry: The thing that happened to you, Tony, happened to me too. But it didn’t just give us abilities, it made us more of who we are. You got strong, I got fast. Fast enough to beat you. You used your gift to hurt people. Not anymore.

A great and compelling episode of a show that is improving faster than the speed of light week after week.

Chris Rating

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  1. Word on everything you said. I can't hear THE IMPOSSIBLE any more. Seriously, enough. And tell Iris already. Laurel was such a useless character before she finally discovered on Arrow two seasons in. Let's learn from that mistake!

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