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American Horror Story Freak Show 4×07 – Test Of Strength

"A daily regimen of vitamins and foie gras brought the pink back to their palette."


I’ve never been bored by American Horror Story... until now.

It’s shocking to me that creator Ryan Murphy could lose sight of a show with such a unique tone and voice. But Freak Show┬áhas been an absolute mess. It might have started out with potential, but everything since Twisty’s death has been a downright mess. Where’s the horror? Where’s the creepiness? It all feels like a routine drama at the moment, and it’s far from thrilling. In fact, AHS has become a chore to watch, and that’s unacceptable.

Ma Petite’s death should have been harrowing and gruesome. It also should have been an emotional affair. Sadly, I felt nothing. Dell completely sucked the air out of this episode, and his murder of Ma Petite was equally lame and dull. Maybe her death will kick the momentum into gear? The show better hope so, because this is a disaster. And no more “bonding” between Dell and Jimmy please. Things are slow enough.

I want to say that Jessica Lange is still a superstar, but I’m still stick of the fact that she keeps playing some version of a power-hungry character every season. Isn’t this supposed to be an anthology season? How great would it be to see her play a victim for once? Someone who perhaps isn’t so confident and hellbent on destroying everyone in her path.

Frightful Bits

– It sure was easy for Jimmy to take the twins back from Dandy.

– Jimmy’s performance was mind-numbingly boring. Never again.

– The one scene I enjoyed: Ethel and Desiree visiting the doctor only to find him dead and his racist daughter screaming at them to get out.

– I was certainly amused by Eve kicking Dell’s ass and making a fool out of him.

– It’s so very hard to care about Penny. Why did daddy get her tattooed? So she can finally fit in with the freaks? Maybe this will have some potential.

– So where’s Gabourey Sidibe? And why is Angela Bassett doing nothing this year?

A tedious and tremendously boring hour of American Horror Story.

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  1. I was thinking it would be interesting to see Lange play a woman who's deeply insecure and not the type who is ruthless to get what she wants.

    Most of this episode bored me except two scenes. There was the alley scene between Dell and Jimmy that made me care for Dell for the first time and there was the deeply upsetting scene of Ma Petite's death which I only saw it in pieces because I couldn't bring myself to see it entirely. That scene makes me want Dell and Stanley dead badly.

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