Arrow 3×07 – Draw Back Your Bow

"It's couture, which I'm pretty sure is French for expensive."


Absolutely cringeworthy.

I have to ask, why the slump? Season two was such a carefully plotted year that fired on every cylinder, but this is Arrow’s third weak episode in a row and I find myself so very disappointed in one of my favorite shows.

Interestingly enough, the Cupid standalone story started off with potential. I liked the continuity in the teaser showing the birth of the villainess back when the Mirakuru soldiers were running amok and causing havoc. Sadly, this whole storyline soon went off the rails thanks to insipid plotting and a distinct lack of urgency. Instead of focusing on Sarah’s murder or giving Ra’s Al Ghul some much-deserved screen time, we were forced to endure some pretty terrible acting (thank you Amy Gumenick) and horrendous dialogue. Even more disheartening is the fact that Cupid is now with Waller and the Suicide Squad. That means we’ll be seeing her again soon, and I am undeniably dreading that development.

The chemistry between Emily and Ray could have salvaged the episode, but the moment in which she defended him at dinner with her big speech simply did not feel earned. The touching music in the background was far too heavy-handed, and the entire scene had me rolling my eyes in the process. On the bright side, Ray is up to something and he seems to be building himself a suit. I guess his comic-book legacy will be coming into play after all. Let’s hope the show doesn’t mess it up.

To make matters worse, Thea got a new love interest for some inexplicable reason. I can’t believe Verdant needing a DJ even qualified as a subplot; did the writers take the week off? And do we really need to see Thea struggle between her love for Roy and the exciting new thing that is her club’s new DJ? Kill me now because I can’t handle another love triangle.

Flashback-wise, we discovered that Ollie couldn’t do laundry (thrilling stuff here), and Tatsu was kind of a badass as she slaughtered an entire army in ten seconds. So basically… filler material. I can’t say I was surprised.

Bits & Arrows

– Ray does the salmon ladder! And his speech had some hilarious nods to the show’s voiceover with “saving the city” and “being something else.

– Inspired by its fellow CW show Supernatural, Arrow had a new credit sequence this week inspired by a heart. It surely made me smile.

– So Ollie is just calling his sidekick Arsenal now? Smooth. Roy certainly proved his worth this week as he got knocked out by Cupid in a matter of moments.

– I didn’t buy Diggle visiting Felicity and telling her Oliver wasn’t feeling well thanks to her love life. I just didn’t.

– The shrink telling Arrow he needed therapy himself wasn’t nearly as funny as the writers envisioned.

– The fight between Arrow and Cupid was at least better staged than the last few action scenes we’ve been getting. Did Ollie break his wrist to escape the train track? That wasn’t clear.

– No Laurel this week. What a pity.

– Contrived scene: Ollie seeing Ray kiss Felicity. What is this, 90210?

– The episode’s strongest scene: A pissed off Ollie in the Arrow cave dragging Roy along to a dinner at Diggle’s.

– For the second week in a row, we ended the hour with the introduction of a new villain. This week it was Captain Boomerang and he didn’t seem the least bit threatening. Fail.

Starling Quips

Felicity: (after catching Ray on the salmon ladder) Oh God, I have a type.

Probably the worst hour Arrow’s ever done. Let’s wipe this one from memory.

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