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Grey’s Anatomy 11×08 – Risk

“The carousel never stops turning. You can't get off.”


Guest Review by Tagouga
I usually look forward to Grey’s Anatomy mid-season finales because there is always a cliffhanger which leaves us begging for more. However, I wasn’t really excited about this particular mid-season finale since I kind of figured that the cliffhanger would be related to April and Jackson’s unborn child. What I was not prepared for were those last four minutes defining Meredith and Derek’s relationship.

I have always been a MerDer fan but their relationship has been on the edge for a while now and the two got further and further away with every passing moment. All the time-outs in the world would not have salvaged this relationship, it was only a matter of time before the two were forced to face their problems instead of running away from them. Derek’s decision to reject the job with the President and stay for his family’s sake has taken a toll on their relationship. And while he felt that he was sacrificing for his family, Meredith lived in constant fear that he would go on resenting her all his life for this missed opportunity. Being pitted against one another while working on a medical case didn’t especially help them during this hour.

But the truly surprising moment was that final scene at the hospital’s door. The flashbacks and the parallels between Meredith and Ellis were brilliantly executed. The trip down memory lane showcased all the turning points in Meredith’s life and her relationship with Derek. From that scene in the pilot where they first met (It feels like ages ago but seriously how cute were they!), to the bomb scene, Meredith’s drowning scare, the shooting, the plane crash, to Cristina reminding her that she was the “sun”, it truly shows that this couple has been through a lot. But the truly defining moment was that scene with Ellis calling after Richard and the flash forward to Derek leaving. Meredith tried very hard to prove that she was not like her mother but she couldn’t be further from the truth.

Bits & Scalpels

– Can’t one baby have a normal birth on this show? It is quite sad to know that he will probably die soon after birth. Let’s hope Arizona will step in and be able to help.

– Amelia’s excitement upon reviewing Herman’s medical condition was very cute.

– Great scene with Alex telling Jo how Grey’s house is always open for anyone in need.

Grey Banter

Meredith: I know how to read a brain scan, Derek. I learned from the best, remember?

Bailey: Just sit still and stare like a creep. That’ll get you nothing more than hardened arteries and a restraining order.

Meredith: God, can you keep something in your head for like two seconds?

Alex: If it was, uh, me, or…
Meredith: Someone who was really good, like Bailey?
Alex: Would you have made the same decision for your patient if it wasn’t him?
Meredith: Thank you.
Alex: Sure. And bite me.

Webber: Shepherd screwed me again.
Bailey: I don’t care for the way that sounds.

Must-Download Tunes
Aron Wright – Home
Marsha Ambrosius – Run
Ella Eyre – Deeper

While this hour had its uninteresting moments, those final few scenes made it worthy of a Grey’s Anatomy mid-season finale.

Tagouga Rating


  1. Loved this episode so much. And those flashbacks were epic!! It really feels like the show is coming full circle. I can't believe how creative the writers have been this season. Amazing!

  2. Aaah what a monster of a cliffhanger! And now we have to wait over 2 months for another episode. This show's always been good at season/mid-season finale episodes and this was another one.

    This season has really pulled me back in, I thought the show was starting to get a little stale, but it's hitting on all cylinders now. This was as good of a Meredith-centric episode as the show has ever had, and the music was also classic Grey's – they used songs I loved already (“Run” by Marsha Ambrosius when Maggie tries to confront Richard about taking Derek's side, which also was a great interaction between those two) and introduced me to something new (“Home” by Aron Wright when Maggie and Meredith perform surgery on Holly). Also usually I hate flashbacks because I think it's just lazy writing/production, but they used them tastefully in this episode and they all really just added to the overall emotion.

    A great episode of Grey's is like a piece of classical music, it has movements, conjures up a multitude of emotions, and always leaves you wanting more. I'm glad to see that Shonda Rhimes is obviously not letting this show deteriorate in it's later stages like so many of my other favorites (Seinfeld, Dexter, Friends, The Office, the list goes on…)

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