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The Newsroom 3×03 – Main Justice

“This is a sad day for dignity. I'll need a dress.”


Guest Review by A.Snow.
Another newsworthy hour of Newsroom, and this just makes it so much harder to have to bid the show farewell in three more episodes. The opening sequence alone, with Mac and Charlie going toe to toe with the FBI and getting them to back down, earned a loud cheer from me while watching it. Infused with great fantastic moments and powerful scenes, this episode marks the halfway point for the series’ final run.

I have to say that Jeff Daniels is the episode’s MVP. From facing off with the Assistant Attorney General to Homeland Security, to his final moment in the episode at the Correspondence Dinner Jeff Daniels performance was on point. Bringing the story to its midpoint, we are now facing the possibility that ACN is never going to be the same again with its new buyer being as psychotic and ridiculous as a child at a gigantic toy store. B.J. Novak (The Office) is a great addition this season.

Jim and Hallie’s storyline finally gained some momentum with their argument regarding journalists getting incentives per page view, which Jim completely mishandles and gets lectured by Maggie as a result.

It is quite clear how much of Aaron Sorkin’s views on how the world works influenced this season of The Newsroom. The opening sequence, the Main Justice, and finally the Correspondence dinner were all filled with Sorkin-isms.

Newsworthy Moments

– Will’s monologue at the main justice was just spectacular.

-Jim and Hallie’s fight was a fantastic scene. What a great slap in the face for the new world of journalism we live in.

– The Correspondence Dinner at the end was great fun to see our characters outside the station looking all-fancy.

– B.J. Novak as a guest star was fantastic.


Will: You think it’s possible I’m not as big a TV star as I thought?
Maggie: That’s because you live in the time of King Arthur with Don, Will, and Charlie.

Charlie: I’m assuming you haven’t come here to tell me you found $400 billion in the glove compartment.

Will: A judge is the one who’s supposed to decide not Matthew Broderick from War Games, not Neal and not me.

A brilliant climax to the short six episode season. This hour definitely set up a fantastic final three episode arc.

A. Snow Rating


  1. Just read your last two reviews on episodes of the Newsroom's final season. I agree with you about the show being on the top of its game this season though there have been a few moments when the speeches are wearing a bit thin. The storylines regarding Neal's source and ACN being in jeopardy get more compelling with each passing episode.

    I think these conflicts between Jim and Hallie are going to lead to them breaking up in the near-future.

    BTW I noticed you haven't said anything about the Don-Sloane subplot involving the HR rep.

  2. Hey suncore598,

    It is true I didn't mention Don-Sloan and to be honest I rushed through writing this review. I definitely mentioned them in my most recent review. I love them both.

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