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The Flash 1×09 – The Man In The Yellow Suit

“The world may need The Flash, but I need my Barry Allen.”


The Flash packed a heavy midseason finale this week with big twists and reveals regarding The Man In The Yellow Suit, and a shocking cliffhanger that will keep us guessing for over a month.

It’s not like we didn’t expect Harrison Wells to be a bit mysterious: the guy has proven in the past nine episodes that he’s keeping all kinds of secrets, and his creepiness and straight answers always seem baffling. But that ending opened up all kinds of answers: is he really Reverse Flash or is his possession of the damn yellow suit (and the Flash ring!) misleading? If time-travel really is playing a part here and it was Harrison who was in the suit, can we take a moment and concede how borderline insane this guy is for practically beating himself up? And if it’s actually Eddie all along (which would explain why he would hurt everyone in the room except for himself), is it too subtle?

These puzzling questions weren’t the only things I enjoyed about the finale though. The episode was emotional, stuffing unexpected poignant and heartbreaking scenes one after the other. Almost all of our favorite characters had a breakdown, and they were all so exceptional at it. Caitlin falling apart in front of Cisco after realizing Ronnie is still alive (and now likes to go by the name Firestorm) was one of the most gut-wrenching moments of this show. Danielle Panabaker has been my favorite part of The Flash as she often plays the voice of logic in S.T.A.R. labs, but seeing her outside the lab and watching her break down in front of her friend was more powerful than anything else Iris has done so far. I’m secretly rooting for a Barry/Caitlin romance in the future.

But at least Iris now knows how clueless she’s been about Barry’s feelings. I’m glad this was finally put to rest, and while I still have big issues with this Iris person, I found their scene to be a true tear-jerker. Who would’ve thought this show would load up so many emotional moments, like when Barry confronted his father in prison and told him he’s lost the battle against yellow suit dude (is what I’m calling him), or the touching conversation between Joe and Barry about their long-lasting father/son relationship?

Other than tugging at our heartstrings, the episode also delivered a brilliant chase scene between The Flash and yellow suit dude (although all the colors and special effects did make my eyes a bit dizzy). Their fight sequence in the middle of the court was the second most amusing thing this show has ever produced, the first being the Flash/Arrow extravaganza in last week’s crossover. I’m really shocked at how quickly the show turned into this year’s biggest and most entertaining series.

Is it January 20th already?

Speedy Bits

– Kudos to Tom Cavanagh for playing a truly exceptional Harrison Wells. I can’t think of a better actor to play such a snarky villain like him.

– Very amusing flashback of young Barry’s mother telling him he’s not afraid of the dark but of being alone in the dark.

– Caitlin telling Cisco she just wished Ronnie died that night was gut-punching.

– I’m glad Eddie is more aware of the metahumans thing now. I’ve been starting to like this character ever since he bonded with Barry a couple of episodes back.

– Now that the first half of season one is over, can we give Grant Gustin a round of applause for being outstanding in his role of Barry Allen/The Flash?

Red Blurs and Quotes

Joe: When you first moved in with us, I thought it was going to be too much. I was already a single dad, finances were tough and you were a little boy who just lost his mother. But man, I was wrong. Within two weeks, you changed the whole dynamic of the house. Suddenly, the house was filled with this light, this energy. I mean, you brightened up everything. You’ve seen more darkness than any man will in a lifetime and you never let it dim your soul. So there I was thinking that I’m changing your life by taking you in, but the truth is you changed mine. So don’t lose that now, Bar. The world may need The Flash, but I need my Barry Allen.

Yellow Suit Man: I’m not like The Flash at all. Some would say I’m the reverse.

Cisco: Caitlin, don’t worry. Now that we know he’s out there, we will find Ronnie again.
Caitlin: Why, so we can throw him in there with all the other metahuman psychos?

Joe: Alright, the only red-suited guy I want in this house right now is Kris Kringle, you got it?

An emotional and stunning sendoff to the first half of season one.

Chris Rating

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