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The Good Wife 6×11 – Hail Mary

"It's important to remember that sometimes... innocent people plead guilty."


It certainly feels good to have The Good Wife back on my screen. While it’s true the show hasn’t been off the air for too long (yes Arrow, I’m looking at you), there’s no denying that few can rival its masterful writing and impeccable momentum. And truth be told, this was a fantastic showcase for the show’s incredible strengths.

 It’s safe to say that the past 11 episodes have been intensely stressful with regards to Carey’s fate, as I often wondered if the writers would actually go through with Agos’ imprisonment. Thankfully after months of buildup, we finally have a definite answer: Carey will not be going to prison after all. However, this storyline effectively allowed the Kings to craft the ideal sendoff for Kalinda. Having the investigator alter evidence was a genius move, and it perfectly planted the seeds for her eventual departure (I’m assuming she ends up going to jail, although she could just as easily skip town in true Kalinda-fashion). Whatever happens, it will undeniably feel earned, and that’s no small feat.

Quite purposefully, Alicia was insulated from the rest of the cast this week as she was left to fend for herself in the mock-debate. I’m not totally sure what purpose that weirdo Adrian served, but having Alicia face off with Finn (fueled by their sexual chemistry) and then Peter was an absolute joy to watch. It’s fascinating to see how much Alicia has changed, and I found it extremely satisfying to watch her attack her husband and insist that she could do a better job than he has with the State’s Attorney position.

Finally, how can I not mention Hail Mary‘s final scene which comprised Alicia receiving the news of Carey’s release, only to express her outright joy by passionately locking lips with Johnny Elfman? This jawdropping little nugget was a shocking and hilarious conclusion to the hour, and it beautifully conveyed Alicia’s need for some sort of release. Hopefully, the writers will treat this moment as a singular event, and not construct some pointless love triangle with Finn (as well know he should be the true recipient of Alicia’s lovin’) .

Cases & Bits

– Loved watching Carey getting prison tips throughout the hour.

– So what “favor” will Bishop ask of Kalinda?

– Alicia doesn’t like milk. For some reason, this detail made me laugh.

– Alicia mistakingly telling Carey about the Brady violation was just cringe-worthy (in a good way).

– Carey’s counselor threatening to call hookers if Kalinda doesn’t sleep with Carey was priceless.

– Goosebump moment: After sleeping with Carey and sobbing in the hallway, Kalinda realises what she must do: alter evidence and save the man she loves. But changing the metadata was too easy wasn’t it?

– Why the closeup on Carey’s bank balance? Did I miss something here?

– Like Alicia didn’t need another reason to hate Peter, he tells her that he can’t help with Carey.

– Elfman and Eli’s fight will surely lead to further fireworks down the road no?

– Although Judge Cuesta drives me nuts, my eyes almost got teary when he apologised to Carey for everything the court put him through. Again, it was a moment that felt very much earned. Kudos.

– My only beef with this episode: how did Diane “pull” the metadata off of Kalinda’s computer? Isn’t she technologically challenged? Talk about contrived. You can do better show.

– The guilt on Kalinda’s face at the end! Uh oh…

Good Lines

Kalinda: This isn’t about me. This is about Cary.
Bishop: A lot of things about Cary end up being about you, Kalinda.

Marisa: I’m her body woman, not her fluff er.
Eli: When did you become so crass?

Elfman: He’s high.
Adrian: High? No, I’m not high. I… I’m pleasant.

Cuesta: You know you only have four hours left, Counselor?
Diane: I do, Your Honor. It’s very dramatic.

Counsellor: If I were you, I’d get your ass down here and do your job.
Kalinda: My job? What’s my job?
Counsellor: It’s your boyfriend’s last four hours of freedom. You need to screw his brains out.

An unsurprisingly exceptional return from television’s best drama.

Nad Rating


  1. Great episode. I was hooked from start to finish. I think Kalinda's departure may be caused by a combination of the evidence tampering and Bishop. It wouldn't surprise me if she has a hand in bringing Bishop down this season but because of the dangerous fallout of what she did, she has to leave town. I hope Alicia kissing her campaign manager is an one time incident and doesn't turn into a love triangle. I like what's been developing between Alicia and Finn. I think Cary looked at his account balance because he was wondering if he had enough funds to support a life on the run which he was briefly considering.

  2. I agree that this episode was a solid return.

    Funny that you pointed out that Alicia doesn't like milk. I didn't think twice about it when she said so but now, in retrospect, I remember Kalinda's infamous milk-glass and wonder if there's any symbolism behind it (that I'm too lazy to decipher).

    You like Finn and I like Elfman. Oh dear, Nad. What is going on with us? We used to be so in-sync during out GOT / Nikita review times.

    I also agree that it's pretty understandable how Kalinda's arc will end. Not that I'm too happy about it. She was always my favorite and the reason I started watching the show. (I reminded a few people of her. Typical. Try to channel Nikita and end up reminding people of an totally different fandom). If there is one thing I'm hoping for is that when she skips town (because killing her off would be a bad move) we can see her forge a new identity. I always like how crafted Kalinda was and how she was clearly only what she chose to represent herself as. Now I'm curious to see who the next character will be. From Tahiri to Sharma– I wonder who is to come?


  3. By the way…

    Have you seen White Collar?

    It's fantastic and I highly recommend it!

    Alex (again ;P )

  4. Great comment Alex. Was happy to read all that. I miss Nikita 🙁 Btw I'm loving Elfman as well now after this week's episode! I'd be fine with either as her relationship.

    Never seen White Collar. I think I'll def give it a shot at some point now that you have recommended it 🙂

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