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Galavant 1×01 – Pilot

"Never start a marriage with a kidnapping."


I honestly didn’t think I would enjoy ABC’s medieval-themed musical. Musicals just aren’t my thing, and after Once Upon A Time‘s cheap production values, I was wary of investing in another one of the network’s fantasy offerings. But color me impressed, because this is one hell of a confident and lovable creation.

The show’s premise with a long-forgotten hero chasing after his one true love isn’t exactly fresh, but Galavant’s execution more than makes up for it. After watching the show’s second hour in addition to the pilot (every episode is only 20 minutes long), I’m pleased to report that Galavant manages to successfully¬†blend hilarious musical numbers with witty scripts and fine performances. Funnily enough, there’s a ton of sexual innuendoes and modern-day kinkiness sprinkled throughout, and while it might all be a bit too broad comedy-wise, it hits the spot and is remarkably entertaining as a result.

Most importantly, the show’s cast is first-rate across the board. Joshua Sasse is excellent in the title role, but it’s the King and Queen who really make an impression. Mallory Jansen is particularly delightful as the evil Madalena, while Timothy Omundson’s phenomenal performance as King Richard completely steals the show. The man is just a hoot on every level, and his song/dance number is undoubtedly the pilot’s highlight. The choreography, the lyrics, the staging – it’s all impeccably well thought out. I’d also be remiss if I didn’t mention the king’s bodyguard played to perfection by Vinnie Jones. The guy just might be the show’s MVP going forward.

Part of me is curious to see if Galavant can manage to sustain its endearing qualities for a long time, but so far so good. I choose to remain optimistic for now.

It’s silly and it’s goofy, but also so very charming. Give Galavant a shot, but make sure you’re watching with subtitles for the full effect. Those lyrics deserve to be heard in all their glory.

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