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The Good Wife 6×12 – The Debate

"It's easier to talk about doing good than it is to actually do good."


Funny how so many people have been quick to The Debate and its apparently mishandling of the Fergeuson debacle, because I found it to be yet another stellar hour of The Good Wife. 

The debate itself was wildly entertaining; I particularly adored the various little touches (no surprise there) with Alicia peeling at the sticker on the podium and being blinded by the spotlights. It’s details like these that help further immerse us in Alicia’s world and the various responsibilities she has to burden. Part of me actually wishes the entire episode was conveyed from her perspective on that darn podium. The mind boggles at the possibilities.

Although I’m not exactly sure where Alicia’s comments about Diane being “sexist” came from, I enjoyed the hell out of that final face-off between Alicia, Diane and Carey. I knew it was too good to be true that Alicia’s work was going so well after Carey’s return, and now everything that was previously been bubbling under the surface has finally been unleashed (and yes I’m talking about Diane and that zinger about Alicia running). It’s going to be glorious to watch Alicia deal with this added tension and the fallout from their little skirmish.

Admittedly, The Debate wasn’t without its flaws. I get what the writers were going for with Ramona and Peter, but they didn’t afford the pair nearly enough time for us to engage in their storyline. Peter seemingly breaking his lover’s heart for the good of the campaign could have been a character-building moment for The Governor, but it ended up being nothing more than an afterthought. And the less said about Ramona’s development as a character the better. I actually had such high hopes for him when she first came on to the scene.

I’m also not exactly sure how I feel about Diane and Carey groveling at David’ feet and bringing him back to the firm. On one hand, it’ll certainly be amusing to have our favorite villain back full time, but how credible is that after everything these people have been through? I guess I’m willing to live with it just to have David and his vicious barbs back in our midst.

And finally, I adored the little scene we got with Elfman seemingly revealing a school-boy crush on Alicia. I honestly thought last week’s kiss would go nowhere, so I’m beyond thrilled to see how Alicia plans on handling Elfman’s feelings. Margulies played the scene in question beautifully, as she slowly began to realize that Elfman was far more invested in that kiss than she was. Fireworks are coming people!

Cases & Bits

–  Neil Gross is back and he’s through with the firm. Can’t say I’ll miss him; he was never one of my favorite guest-stars.

– Alicia and Prady’s impromptu debate in the kitchen was wonderful.

– A reference to the infamous “the fappening”. Epic!

– How heart-pumping was it see Alicia strut back into her office after putting Diane and Carey in their place and confidently proclaiming to Eflman that she was “going to win?” Unfortunately, that triumphant moment was undoubtedly tinged with sadness as Alicia watched her partners collude from afar and began to realize how much that life was slipping away from her.

Good Lines

Elfman: Eli what is going on? I thought he broke it off.
Eli: Yeah, stuck it in and broke it off.

Nora: What, am I not black enough?
Eli: No y-yes. You’re more suburban.

Elfman: What’s wrong?
Alicia: Nothing. Everything’s great. I’m gonna win.
Elfman: Yes, you are.

While it had its missteps, this was yet another fantastic hour from television’s most consistent drama.

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  1. Like you, I thought The Debate was a good episode. I'm happy that Alicia doesn't seem to have intimate feelings for Eflman that fueled the kiss but the reveal that Eflman may have those for her makes me concerned so I don't want there to be some triangle between Alicia, Eflman, and Finn. The tension between Alicia, Cary, and Diane is interesting and I look forward to seeing how it unfolds in future episodes. Alicia shouldn't be surprised that Diane and Cary will be making certain decisions without her since, like Diane says, Alicia is running for State Attorney. She can't remain partner of the firm and be SA at the same time. Alicia's accusation of sexism did feel out of the blue.

  2. Fascinating points Hank. I just discovered your blog and have spent the last hour reading through your huge database of reviews. LOVED it. Looking forward to reading more of your work!

  3. I like this ep.
    It's witty and fast paced not to mention funny. Engaging, even.
    The two SA contenders were very civilly aggressive AND entertaining. :))
    With regard to the political background in the ep, I have a feeling that the producers are intentionally making the flow of the story vague.
    Perhaps a lot of film ended in the cutting floor just to avoid mixing real life opinions with fiction.

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