Revenge 4×13 – Abduction

"Who would have thought that after all was said and done, you and I would die together?"


Abduction is an almost perfect hour of Revenge. Sadly, the episode is let down by one frustrating subplot.

Let’s start with the good stuff. Emily and Victoria’s abduction was expertly played out. It was plain refreshing to break from the usual Hamptons scenery and have our two leading ladies concoct their little escape. The reveal of them using Jack as a target to orchestrate their rescue caught me completely off guard, and it proves that Revenge still has quite a few tricks up its sleeves. In addition, the entire storyline allowed Vicky to undergo some much needed character growth. I absolutely loved watching her save Emily by tricking Malcolm into believing she had killed Kate herself. This glorious moment was further topped by Victoria telling David that he should be with his daughter before insisting that they go their separate ways. Simply incredible. Who knew one could still find Victoria likeable after all the heinous things she’s done?

In terms of his villain status, Malcolm Black was an effective baddie this week. However I’m surprised by how little he seemed to care after he discovered his daughter was dead. I’m even more weary of how the rest of the season is going to pan out without a true antagonist. Do the writers honestly expect us to take Margaux seriously as our Big Bad? She poses absolutely no physical threat for Emily, and her hiring an investigator (not to mention threatening to publish an “expose”) hardly count as menacing moves that sends chills down my spine. On the bright side, there’s a nice symmetry with her assuming Emily’s previous role of the vengeful blonde who won’t listen anyone in her hellbent quest for revenge.

Sadly, the Louise subplot was a major distraction from the thrilling main course. Sure I’ve been a big fan of Louise this season, but her subplot with nasty old Mom had absolutely no stakes when contrasted with Emily and Vicky’s gripping predicament. The writers should have recognized this weakness and simply omitted the Louise drama from the episode entirely. It also would have effectively freed up Nolan to actually PLAY a role in saving Emily. Her life had never been in greater danger, and Nolan was nowhere to be found. Not cool writers. Not cool.

And finally, I must reiterate how terrible a character David Clarke is. It’s certainly a combination of weak writing and James Tupper’s abysmal performance. It’s a real pity, but he was much more likable when he made two appearances a year in flashback form. Perhaps he can be the next one to die?

Vengeful Bits

– Who else wanted to punch Malcolm after he slapped Emily across the face in the teaser?

– I guess I can’t keep calling her Barb from Cougar Town since she made the jump from hallucination to real-life guest-star this week. Her name is Carolyn Hennesy and she’s a tad too too cartoon-ish to my liking.

– Loved Emily going all ninja on Black’s thug (and we later discover she also managed to draw the symbol with coal). Brilliant.

– So why did Emily tell Vicky that David was going to kill her if the two were working together? Plot hole anyone? Or did I miss something here?

– Even the fight scene in Jack’s house was superbly done. Brutal choreography.

– So worth it: Vicky’s reaction when David is disappointed to see her in the hostage exchange and asks where Amanda is.

– It was admittedly kind of cool to see Jack and Ben working together. I guess the writers still think Emily and Jack should be dragged out as evident by the final bonding scene between Ems and Ben.

– Black not only head-butted Vicky this week, he viciously punched her in the stomach. Seriously Revenge went all out this week.

– Lovely little moment with Vicky telling Margaux in the flashback that she feels bad for Emily.

– The image of David on the ground being utterly useless perfectly symbolizes how pointless he’s been this year.

– Although I downright loved Emily kicking Black’s ass, having her check on Daddy in the midst of the fight was too darn contrived. It’s like the writers had to make Emily stupid so Black could gain the upper hand and David could save her.  Idiotic.

– So it seems Nolan and Louise will be getting married in order for the latter to gain control of her finances. Also, Louise apparently killed her daddy. I do hope this won’t be a cliched sexual abuse storyline

– Vicky rolling her eyes and walking away after Margaux prophetically exclaims: “It will be me who destroys her.” Yup Vicky, that eye-roll is exactly how we all feel. Also, Margaux’s line felt like set-up for a show reboot. The horror!

Devious Delights

Victoria: (about Emily) You don’t cage a majestic peacock with a howler monkey.

Victoria: You know, I could call the police and reveal your sins to them, but I won’t. You and Emily deserve a life together. I need to mourn my son.

Emily: He’s stubborn.
David: Yeah, well, runs in the family.

Victoria: Emily’s not worth your time. Besides, revenge is a dangerous game.

While Louise’s subplot certainly prevented the hour from being perfect, this was still an explosive and tremendously exciting hour of Revenge.

Nad Rating


  1. I absolutely loved this episode! I love it when Emily brings out her inner Nikita!
    I completely agree with you with the Louise subplot. I destroyed the momentum every time and I was always about to skip it just to get back to the good stuff. I LOVE that the writers finally let Victoria go the right path, I think this is how she should feel at the moment and it's great she finally admits it. Daniel's death was maybe good after all.
    I'm not sure how I feel about Margaux….yes she could threaten Emily now that she knows the truth. There are soon many things that could get here arrested after all. One small piece of evidence will be enough. But I don't fully buy her commitment, that's the problem. It's nowhere as horrible as what Emily had to get trough and I can't understand that she doesn't have any compassion with here…well, we'll see how it goes =)

  2. Great review. I couldn't agree more, the whole Louise subplot was a useless distraction. But other than that, a very exciting episode indeed.

    And what the hell is going on with Margaux' hair this season? Seriously the hair is distracting me from following up with what she is saying. It is like they don't know what to do with it just like her character!

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