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Gotham 1×12 – What The Little Bird Told Him

“The cupcake is sweet, the bullet is deadly. A beautiful woman is a dangerous thing.”


Much better, but still not great.

Gotham tried to redeem itself (which is a good thing since the show has been renewed for season two) with an hour that felt like the better half of last week’s episode. And while some things worked perfectly, there were a lot of things that still felt a bit off.

Good things first: Christopher Heyerdahl as The Electrocutioner was the best thing this episode had going for it. His creepily disturbing performance was brilliant and intense, making me want to see more of this villain (a first, for this show) and reminded me so much of The Flash (only, you know, this is actually Gotham where hilarious things like stopping a villain with a cup of water is totally possible). The fact that he wasn’t dead by episode’s end was a nice change of pace for the fate of bad guys on this show. More of guys like this, please.

And less Fish, please. This is where the episode seemed to crumble a bit. Her little plan to take down Falcone once and for all was hard to watch, especially since she decided to do it over the phone (HA!) and also when she decided that she “owed” Falcone the benefit of the doubt by asking him to leave Gotham. I’m still not warming up to this woman because for 12 episodes now, she’s been nothing but “talk”. She’s trying to sound badass and evil but has not done anything about it yet, so I was actually thrilled when her plan backfired (thank you, Oswald). And Falcone strangling Liza was even more amazing and shocking—that’s how you do badass, Fish—but in typical TV trope, Fish had to live (also because this is Gotham and killing her would suggest that the show is improving week after week).

That explains exactly how I feel about Gotham right now. There’s an intriguing universe, some strong characters, and a good story but every time we’re about to reach a climax, something weighs it down. The same goes for Jim who, by the way, doesn’t need an “Arkham Asylum” caption anymore (wow that lasted for an entire episode) and is seen kissing Dr. Leslie Thompkins (who is being very underused here). I’m in no way trying to ridicule this show; in fact, this was one of the better episodes of the season, but I’m worried we’ll be facing another Rogues’ Gallery soon.

Let’s hope this marks a beginning of a better half of the season.

Bat Bits

– Definitely loving the new Jim Gordon. He’s cocky, angry and fearless now, and it’s so much more interesting. He’s also clever (*insert Jim-tossing-cup-of-water joke here*).

– Very rushed: Leslie and Jim. But still a couple I am definitely rooting for. The chemistry is undeniable.

– No Bruce, Alfred or Selina this week. It’s okay, they’ll be back soon.

– OMG Barbara returned! JK, it doesn’t matter. She had an extremely pointless and weird scene. Not sure how that’s different from when we usually see her.

– Hilarious: Liza’s fake “please stop” over the phone to Falcone. A huge LOL moment for me.

– Loved the cinematography, camerawork and visual touches in this episode that really added intensity to The Electrocutioner’s scenes. Falcone’s childhood flashback in the beginning seemed a bit random though.

– Edward Nygma (The Riddler) is amazing. Can’t wait to see him flip out soon.

Cracks From Gotham

Bullock: Can I take this opportunity to say I have no rebellious fire? None. Nada.

Bullock: He’s dead. Fried like a donut.

Electrocutioner: Electricity is an amazing thing.

Jim: It’s good to be back.
Bullock: Only a man from a lunatic asylum would say that. You’re like a human roller-coaster, except you only go down.
Edward: Wouldn’t that make him more of an elevator?

Bullock: No mom, I’m not gonna wear my rubbers on the case.

Must-Download Tune
God’s Gonna Cut You Down by Johnny Cash

Better than last week thanks to its creepy villain and a few visual touches. There’s still hope, I suppose.

Chris Rating


  1. Word. I'm somewhat optimistic now because Fish getting captured changes the status quo a bit, Carmine feels like a REAL villain now, and I LOVE the chemistry between Jim and Leslie.

    Barbara! She cracks me up! I remember how much we hate her every time she's on screen!

    Thanks for the great review!

  2. I liked the episode, but every time that Morena Baccarin is onscreen I get distracted wondering how she can be even more stunningly beautiful than she was on Firefly.

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