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The Flash 1×10 – Revenge of the Rogues

“Any preference on the way you’d like to die? The flame, or the frost?”


I’m so glad The Flash is back, and while the midseason premiere didn’t offer us any insight about Reverse Flash or what the deal with Harrison Wells is, this was still a very strong and exceedingly entertaining hour.

I loved the Prison Break reunion if only because Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller have amazing chemistry together, and their presence here only proved what an underrated gem the 2005 action-drama was. While I wasn’t a big fan of Caitlin being kidnapped solely for having a damsel-in-distress type of storyline, I loved that Cold had planned this entire thing beforehand. Heat Wave and Captain Cold’s final prison break (horrible pun intended) was brilliant as well, especially as we are getting closer to meeting Sister Snart soon.

As for the Flash himself, it will be interesting to see how the rest of the season pans out now that the city is aware of this red blur thing that saves the city from villains. The final showdown between him and the Snarts, though, wasn’t nearly as exceptional as the Flash/Arrow fight during the crossover episode especially since this one felt slower. But I’ll be waiting for the next face-off anxiously.

Surprisingly, the B-subplot concerning Iris was just as entertaining. I enjoyed her awkward scenes with Barry at first, and loved their touching conversation at the end even more—particularly since it led for some outstanding Barry/Joe bonding moments. Plus, how amusing was The Flash when he used his super speed to clean the house, read 800 pages and finally moved his stuff into Joe’s place? The show has really been using this light tone wisely, reminding me why I miss these characters.

Still, the show also knows how to deliver exceptional scenes and build on character development. Caitlin and Barry’s one-on-one about Firestorm and flying dead fiancés was brilliant, moving and poignant on every level. Am I the only one rooting for these two to get together?

Speedy Bits

– Amazing intro with the STAR labs team and Barry practicing. Even better was Barry changing the direction of the missile and blowing up the drone.

– I didn’t even know Barry had his own apartment until this apartment. Have we seen his place yet?

– Exciting yet definitely unsurprising news: the show has been renewed for season two.

– I love that even here, Wentworth Miller gets to play the smart, mastermind genius. Sucks for Dominic though.

– I kinda hate how useless and stupid the police in Central City are. So they just stood there waiting for a superhero to take down a couple of bad guys? Thank god for Eddie (sometimes).

– Also, why was Iris there? Umm, plot contrivance anyone?

Red Blurs and Quotes

Caitlin: Things weren’t really normal with you pining after Iris and her being totally unaware. Whatever happens next, it will be better.

Caitlin: My dead fiancé can fly. I haven’t broken that to my parents yet.

Harrison: Look Barry, Cisco and I will work with Joe and the police and devise a way to watch Cold. Yes, I said; as soon as it came out of my mouth, Cisco, I heard it.

Barry: You mean like Ghostbusters?
Cisco: That film is surprisingly scientifically accurate.
Harrison: And very funny.

A strong return for The Flash that sets up good storylines for the rest of the season.

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  1. Glad to have the show back. But is it just me or were Wentworth and Purcell REALLY bad? I don't remember them being so cheesy in Pirson Break, but here they were just SO over-the-top. Still it was an amusing hour.

    Iris was not annoying for once! Improvement! Glad she knows the truth! Now I'm rooting for the couple for once!

    And that prison break ending (hilarious pun you did there) was quite thrilling.

    Finally I LOVED the final Barry-Joe scene. Such a wonderful father-son vibe going on there. The song is also great too. Better Man by Paulo Nautini

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