Revenge 4×14 – Kindred

"Ah, yes. The Hamptons. If you don't pretend to forgive everyone you hate, you never get invited anywhere."


This kind of felt like a fresh start for Revenge. And surprisingly, it didn’t bother me.

I guess the show’s attempts at brainwashing have finally succeeded, because I was a big fan of Emily and Ben’s chemistry this week. Their dynamic brought out a relaxed side to Emily (which we’re certainly not used to), and I kind of found myself rooting for the two during that final embrace. OF COURSE the writers had to ruin it with one of their favorite soap opera tropes: Jack walking in to frame and spotting the couple from afar. Why writers, why? Does this kind of thing EVER happen in real life? It’s moments like these that make me embarrassed to be a fan.

Even Margaux didn’t totally grate in Kindred. Maybe it’s the fact that Emily is on the defensive now, but I found that there was quite a bit of fire when the two shared scenes together. Margaux really knows how to play the whole devious shtick now, and she reminds me of Emily’s early days. Even if she’s still not menacing as a villain, it was a welcome development to see her bond again with Jack, only for her investigator to reveal that the cop played a part in covering up Daniel’s death. Uh oh.

I don’t know why I never saw it coming, but I’m loving the bond that’s lowly being forged between Emily and Louise. Although the latter’s momma storyline ended up being quite predictable (shocker: the mom killed the dad), it at least brought Emily and Nolan’s new wife closer together. Emily could always use a genuine friend, and Louise might end up being just that.

Finally, can we take a moment and bask in the awesome introduction of none other than Gina Torres as the mysterious Natalie? Torres is a powerhouse force; she first caught my attention as the brilliant (and lethal) Anna Espinosa on Alias, and she’s equally badass on a weekly basis as Jessica Pearson on Suits. Bringing her to Revenge is a stroke of genius on the show’s part, and it’s the first time I’m actually excited about a new guest-star. In addition, having her butt heads with Victoria is the icing on the cake. I absolutely can not wait to see where this goes and to discover what Natalie’s agenda is. Please writers, don’t screw this up.

Vengeful Bits

– It’s always fun to see Victoria and her vulture friends. And the way she uses their secrets against them? More please.

– How disturbing was that gossip news headline linking David to Amanda romantically? Ugh.

– David telling Jack he’s a hero. Kind of cool. Jack quitting however left no impact on me.

– I always like it when the writers remember Emily’s training in Japan. This week we discovered her memory technique with the blade and it was awesome (I bet Louise would disagree).

– Undercover Emily! Woohooo!

– Great nod to the show’s history with Vicky walking by her infamous old throne in Grayson Manor and touching it.

– So who died? (The phone call Vicky got). Surely it can’t be Charlotte? I might hold a party at my place if that’s the case. Patrick?

Devious Delights

Nolan: Well, what can I say? You miss some things when you get kidnapped by a sociopath.
Emily: You know, there are some people who say the exact same thing happened to you.

Emily: Is that a threat?
Margaux: It’s simply the world you’ve chosen to live in.

Ben: Well, don’t make me do that.
Emily: Do what?
Ben: Imagine a world without Emily Thorne.
Emily: (answers phone) Sorry.
Ben: It’s okay. I get it. Emily Thorne’s work is never done.

Natalie: That would mean that they’re either a very suggestible lot, or the Grayson name no longer commands the same fear, awe, and respect it once did. It’s not easy being queen I mean, if you believe your history.

Nolan: Sasha. Kiersten. Hamptons hellions.

Victoria: The point I was trying to make is this: a friend is like a business and investing in the wrong one always proves costly.

Louise: How could Nolan have such faith in me when I had no faith in myself?
Emily: ‘Cause that’s who Nolan is.

David: You were such a happy child, Amanda.
Emily: I was. That ended when I was 9.

Nolan: Party’s over, Lyman. And I believe she means that both literally and metaphorically.

Natalie: That was a very impressive display earlier, how you managed to monetize secrets.

Ben: They didn’t stop you at the gate? [ Chuckles ] Man, I really need to get a gate.

Although I’m not exactly sure where this season is heading, I enjoyed the hell out of this hour. Maybe I was just in a good mood?

Nad Rating


  1. I quite enjoyed this hour as well. And I just LOVE the chemistry between Emily and Ben! Seriously this girl has chemistry with almost anyone except Jack so it really bothers me to know that she will most probably end up with him.

  2. Well it certainly was an entertaining hour, I felt it too. But I'm so torn up about this whole reboot thing. It definitely felt like a reboot of season 1, but I still found Vicky's face-off with Natalie intriguing and very revenge-y. Is it possible that the writers still have good stories to tell!? Does this mean we're getting a fifth season !?

  3. I enjoyed the introduction of Natalie too. She looks like she can go toe-to-toe with Victoria any day. I wonder what brought her to the Hamptons and why she didn't seem scared of Victoria's threat to find out her secrets. And I'm surprised by how much I'm liking Louise these days along with her growing friendships with Nolan and Emily. But, as enjoyable as these elements are, they along with some others that are grating cause the season to lose its overall focus. It supposed to be Victoria vs. Emily. Then it became Team Revenge vs. Malcolm Black. Then it turned into Emily vs. Margaux. Now it's that and Victoria vs. Natalie. Season 4 seem to lack a more consistent identity.

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