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Gotham 1×13 – Welcome Back, Jim Gordon

“I bet you have some ugly creatures.”


I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m tired of every Gotham episode to go a little something like this: Jim finds out the city is full of corrupt cops, he wants to catch the bad guy, everyone tells him not to because he can’t go against the system, he does so anyway and ends up a winner. This has to be the way IMDB describes the show—and every single episode. And it’s so irritating.

But that’s not my only problem with this episode. There was so much going on in “Welcome Back, Jim Gordon” that it all felt jumbled and incoherent, and the worst part is that there was barely anything good happening. I say barely because I actually loved two little twists in the end: the first, Bullock and Fish’s secret lip-locking session which totally caught me off guard (I hope the writers develop this more, despite there being zero chemistry), and the second being Jim’s realization that asking Penguin for help will have terrible consequences on him in the future (this is when overly dramatic and clichéd music played in the background as Ben McKenzie looked up and wondered what a missed opportunity this whole show is and whether it’s too late for him to take a part on Glee instead).

Other than that, this was a typical day in Gotham where the procedural format resurfaced in heavy and predictable doses. Luckily, The Riddler was there to save the episode from completely flopping, as was young Bruce in a very strong performance from David Mazouz while his search for his parents’ killer continues (yes, that storyline is still happening).

Fish’s escape—while very sudden—did end up paying off (not just because she’s disappearing), but because her scene with Penguin was thrilling and compelling the minute she walked into the club with a baseball bat. She has been the most cartoonish and over-the-top character on Gotham so far, and I want her to stay away as much as possible. Her cheesy one-liners and empty threats are not entertaining at all.

The same can be said about the show in general. It’s hard to stop watching at this point not because this was an amusing hour of television, but because I’m honestly fascinated to see how much mess the writers can cram into a single episode week after week. What a missed opportunity.

Bat Bits

– Even Barbara missed this week’s mess! I mean, a terrible episode without her in it? Is this even OK, guys?

– I don’t find Gertrude Kapelput (Oswald’s mother) interesting or amusing AT ALL. She’s just a creepy disturbed mother and we shall never speak of her again.

– Hidden highlight: the delighted look on Edward Nygma’s face when Arnold Flass (the corrupt cop) is arrested. I hope he turns into a creepy villain very soon.

– It was great seeing Alfred and Bruce back, but I was honestly disappointed Dr. Leslie Thompkins skipped this one out too. With Barbara missing and Fish potentially gone, the show could really use more female characters.

– Amusing moment: Alfred paying Ivy to help Bruce contact Selina again.

– The shooting scene involving Butch, Fish and Victor Zsasz was terrible and dumb.

– The montage of drunk Penguin was very disjointed with the episode’s tone (and the show’s overall tone as well). I’m not sure what to make of that scene.

– I also hated the very short, very random montage of Jim interrogating those cops at GCPD. It’s been overly used for decades now; please don’t use it again Gotham.

Cracks From Gotham

Harvey Bullock: I don’t got a thing for nobody. My thing is for me.

Fish: I’m not going anywhere until I cut Penguin’s throat.

(after meeting Ivy and giving her $20)
Alfred: Delightful friends you have, master Bruce.

Another disappointing hour of Gotham. I see no room for improvement here.

Chris Rating


  1. I agree. I only enjoyed Selina and Bruce. What a talented little actor he is. And IVY! Hahahah what a freaky creep. Hilarious.

    Everything else was a mess as you perfectly stated.

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