Suits 4×11 – Enough Is Enough

"I quit every goddamn day. I just never said it out loud. Because no way was I gonna give them the satisfaction of breaking me."


I can’t always explain why, but I freakin’ love Suits.

Maybe the primary reason is this: Harvey Specter’s world is just so damn cool, and I always feel like I want to spend time with the crazy cast of characters that inhabit his life. Sure they spend most of their time bickering and telling each other to go to hell (and this hour perfectly showcased their various outbursts), but Pearson Specter (Litt) is such a captivating world to get immersed in. There’s really nothing quite like it.

As far as I’m concerned, my favorite development this week wasn’t Louis’ ascension to the top, but Jessica’s epiphany concerning Mike’s secret. Our boy’s drama has been at the center of the storm for far too long, so it was extremely refreshing to see Jessica finally admit that it was her secret too, and that she was going to “fight like hell” to protect it. Hopefully this will signal a brand new direction for the show – one in which our characters band together (well, kind of), and we stop revisiting Mike’s past (at least until the series finale where you just know the writers will drudge it back up again).

Of course a whole lot of honesty isn’t sustainable, and Jessica proceeded to lie to Jeff again at the end of the hour as she continued to conceal the truth from him. Although I constantly finding myself forgetting Jeff’s name (he’s really a non-character), I love seeing Jessica’s vulnerable side, and the manner in which she balances it with her cutthroat, ruthless work persona.

Now let’s talk about Louis. The character was pretty much designed to be a loathsome prick, particularly through his actions in Enough is Enough. However, I think it was all a bit much. Seeing him bulldoze his way through everyone (particularly poor ol’ Rachel) just wasn’t very fun to watch. It did however make me question my own distaste for the character. Has he earned the right to act like this after everything Jessica and Harvey put him through? Nobody is innocent here, and each of these characters exists in a grey area where no action is clearly good or bad. It’s fascinating stuff really, and for me, it’s a defining element of the show.

Also, the ending was extremely unnerving with Louis testing Donna’s loyalty by asking her one very simple question: Has she slept with Harvey? How will her response (she has indeed slept with Harvey once) affect their relationship going forward? I have absolutely no idea, but I’m excited to find out.

Pearson Bits

– If someone says you have to “take it” one more time, I just might put a bullet through my brain.

– Mike almost kicking Louis’ ass for berating Rachel was awesome.

– Best scene ever: Mike finally snapping at Jessica after withstanding so many of her brutal monologues for so long. Seriously one of the best moments this show’s ever done.

– Scottie’s back! Well, only for a scene. But at least she helped Harvey.

– Louis’ face after seeing his name on the door: priceless.

– So did anyone else not buy Jessica’s trick and the way she got Louis to sign the contract? A bit too easy no?

– Why does Donna have so much guilt for Louis? I don’t buy that either.

– So Rachel told her dad to hire Katrina. Hopefully, she’ll stay off my screen in the process.

Firm Quips

Louis: (to Mike) Get to work, and use that magnificent memory of yours for something more than bullshitting your way through life.

Jessica: I reconsidered, which, as managing partner, I am entitled to do.
Jeff: And as someone with a brain, I’m entitled to come to the conclusion that Louis has something on you.

Louis: (to Mike) I found your weak spot, and you know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna keep hammering on her until you break.

Jessica: And the reason it keeps rerunning is because every time I think I’m done with you, you and your dirty little secret rear your ugly heads.
Mike: You know what, Jessica? I have had it up to here with you saying that this is my dirty little secret. You could have fired me when you found out, and you didn’t. No, you decided to keep me around because you were more concerned with beating Daniel Hardman and keeping your power. And then you kept me around because you didn’t want to lose Harvey. And then you wanted to use my secret to beat Harvey, and then again and again and again. So please, Jessica, why don’t you tell me, when the hell does this become your dirty little secret?

Harvey: Well, splash some water on your face, ’cause we have to go to his debutante ball and look like we give a shit.

Jessica: (to Louis) It was the only bullet in your chamber, and I am taking your gun away.

Jessica: The fact of the matter is, well, you’re just a pretty face.
Harvey: Oh, you think I’m pretty?
Jessica: Pretty stupid.

Mike: This firm is changing names more than Prince.

Jessica: It’s time I accepted the fact that it’s my secret too.
Harvey: So where do we go from here?
Jessica: We fight like hell to protect it.

A solid return from one of television’s most entertaining creations.

Nad Rating

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  1. Like you, Nad, I have mixed feelings about Louis. On the one hand, he was one hell of a bastard this episode treating people the way he did. I was hoping Mike was going to punch Louis for what he did to Rachel. But, on the other hand, he had been lied to repeatedly on top of being berated by Harvey and Jessica many times in the past. You kick a man hard enough for a long period of time, eventually he's going to fight back. And that's the Louis we see this episode, a Louis who's fighting back with every ounce of blind rage he got towards anyone and anything that reminds him of the crap he's gone through. I'm kind of hoping things don't go back to status quo with Louis turning back into a quasi-ally going along with the program. It's less of a dramatically interesting direction.

    I love the scene between Mike and Jessica. A long time coming. And I sense Jessica's lie to Jeff is going to bite her in the ass one day and cost their relationship.

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