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Grey’s Anatomy 11×09 – Where Do We Go From Here

“I need a person who is in it with me and believes in that.”


I’m kind of shocked by how well Grey’s Anatomy has been doing this season. After 10 years and so many shocking, if slightly unrealistic, twists and turns, I still find myself enjoying this medical soapy drama a great deal.

The show isn’t exactly reinventing itself or getting close to going back to its glory days anytime soon, but the Meredith/Derek drama has surprisingly exceeded my expectations. I loved the flashbacks to the post-it wedding so much because it made the show feel real, and it offered us long-time fans with a truly heartwarming present. It made Meredith and Derek feel far more three-dimensional than any other characters on this show. In addition, I appreciate that their drama wasn’t solved by hour’s end. Meredith’s “I need a person” monologue to the strange nanny was equally emotional and poignant, and I hope the next few episodes will make her stronger as it marks the first time she will be without both Cristina and Derek.

April and Jackson’s storyline is quickly reaching its heartbreaking point too. I’m glad Jackson didn’t keep the secret from her for longer than a few minutes; that would have been even worse. This particular arc is quite interesting because it’s giving both of them some heavy character development; who would’ve thought April, out of all people, would be blaming God for this whole ordeal?

Even the cases were intriguing this week, though I easily predicted the driver woman having a tumor to be the cause of the accident. Still, this was another great episode in what’s been a highly enjoyable season of Grey’s.

Bits & Scalpels

– Amusing touch: Owen telling Meredith to call Cristina now that Derek is gone. I love whatever little screen-time these two share together, especially when it means to talk about their better halves leaving them behind.

– For a second, I really thought/hoped Cristina was on the other end of the phone talking to Meredith. Is it bad to say I’m a little disappointed? Sorry, McDreamy.

– Is anyone else not loving Bailey this season? It’s a shame because she used to be my favorite character in the early seasons.

– Jackson breaking down to Webber was a fantastic scene for Jesse Williams.

– The post-it almost didn’t make it through the episode! Luckily, it was saved in the end. Phew.

– Quick side-note: this marks Sara Ramirez’s 200th episode as Callie. Amazing.

– Anyone else thinks Dr. Herman won’t make it through surgery?

Grey Banter

Jo: Why is it somehow worse when a woman kills her kids? It’s sexist. Women are just as crappy and homicidal as men.
Stephanie: Is there something you wanna tell me? Or a grand jury?

Arizona: I’m too pretty for prison.

Owen: I told Cristina to go too. It was the only thing to do. She had t go. If she’d stayed, it would have been worse. I know that now. Tell her “hello” for me.

Derek: This can work. We will make this work. We will.

Meredith: I need support. My life and work is very unpredictable and I need someone who understands that and who can be there when I can’t, and who understands that when I can’t be there it’s because I must be where I am. And I need someone who believes in that and who supports that.

Alex [to Bailey]: You’re a really good mom. You’ve been riding me all day, making sure I don’t screw up. Crap, you’ve been doing it all these years. It sucks. It’s annoying, but it’s nice.

An emotional and fantastic midseason premiere. I’m so glad the show is back.

Chris Rating


  1. WORD. I absolutely loved this. I don't know how I still love this show 11 seasons in, but they had a rough patch last year (with useless interns taking center stage) but things are just fantastic again. This thought actually crossed my mind yesterday as I watched this episode: Unlike Revenge and other shows that go on for far too long, I DON'T want Grey's Anatomy to end any time soon. I'm too attached to these people 🙂 Well done Shonda.

    Thanks for covering the episode Chris! 🙂

  2. I loved this episode as well! The post-it wedding is definitely one of my top favorites moments of this show. And how cool were the opening credits mimicking the shattered frame.

    Thanks again for covering the episode Chris 🙂

  3. Totally agree! That unlike Revenge, I can't say goodbye to this show just yet. It's been phenomenal this season. I do like how Revenge has been doing lately but I feel like it should just close the curtains this season. There's something about Grey's that could go on for a long time and I STILL wouldn't mind!

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