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Gotham 1×14 – The Fearsome Dr. Crane

“A bird in the hand is 9/10 of the law.”


A decent episode of Gotham this week.

It’s still confusing as hell to fathom whether we should be taking this show seriously or not, but this was a mediocre hour of television that tried to succeed and, on some level, kind of did.

The case-of-the-week wasn’t anything groundbreaking, to no one’s surprise, even though the Gerald Crane storyline is an interesting part of the Batman universe. It didn’t feel like the stakes were high enough, and that’s a shame considering this villain brought Jim and Bullock’s romantic side out in the open. That part was quite enjoyable, mainly because Jim and Leslie have undeniable chemistry together and because it’s not so bad to see Bullock as an actual human sometimes.

The Oswald/Maroni B-plot did make the episode more intriguing. I found their scene out at the cabin to be pulse-pounding and intense all thanks to their little game of “Truth or Truth” which was very fun to watch, but I’m predicting a horrible Penguin-death as the season comes to an end. And because this is Gotham where silly things happen, of course he had a phone in his pocket just moments before he was about to be squashed to death. It does feel like this season is about Oswald more than it is about young Bruce.

My only complaint is how the show is still not incorporating the villains of the week into a solid, entertaining season arc. I think I actually cheered a little when Bruce decided to “fire” Jim from looking into his parents’ killer because, really, he’s done absolutely nothing useful in that area so far. I’m ecstatic to see him and Alfred work and train together again.

Bat Bits

– Bullock opening up about his fears was a nice touch.

– I have no idea what to make of that Fish ending. Very cartoonish and weird.

– I love Nygma a little more every week. Filling the medical examiner’s locker with severed body parts was a genius move to get the guy fired. It also meant Dr. Leslie Thompkins will be joining the GCPD, yay!

– Morena Baccarin is really incredible. Seriously, Jim and Leslie have more chemistry than Barbara has with anyone else.

– Dr. Crane’s son, the future Scarecrow, made a cameo appearance by the pool! Even better is the fact that next week’s episode is called “The Scarecrow”. Please, for the love of god, don’t ruin this one too, show.

– I am so annoyed by the names of the episodes on this show. I don’t know why, but they just make me cringe.

Cracks From Gotham

Oswald: Truth, I took your gun.
Maroni: Truth, I loaded it with blanks.

Bullock: We’re on a rooftop, Nygma. Don’t tempt me.

An overall enjoyable episode, but at this point I have no idea what to expect from this show anymore.

Chris Rating


  1. I'm basically just watching for the dynamic between Jim and Leslie. Morena is just so darn likeable. And little Bruce Wayne, he's still awesome.
    The rest of the show is so darn generic and formulaic and I don't get why that's still the case.

    And yeah, that final shot was such a video game cartoon. What the hell? Was amusing though.

  2. I'm wondering about the direction this series is trying to compose. The talented actors are wasted with these crappy storylines.
    I'm with you, Nadim. Seems the show runners cannot decide whether to make this a live action or a cartoon show. What the…..!!!!
    I sure hope they get better in the next 3 eps or like with The Vampire Diaries, i'm out.

  3. I want to love this show, but I only kind of like it. I finally figured out that I'm really watching to see what Penguin, Nygma, and Bruce are doing. I like Gordon and Bullock too, but their cases are all so lame. Maybe if I just remember the case of the week parts of the episodes as music montages with little to no dialogue, then this would be an awesome show for me.

    That ending with Fish definitely gave me an 16 bit flashback.

  4. Hahaha the cases-of-the-week as music montages (with no dialogue) is hilarious and genius as well! I'll try to do that next time, maybe I can enjoy this show more as well then!

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