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Once Upon A Time 4×08-09 – Smash The Mirror

“Sometimes people surprise you.”


Guest Review by Panda
I thought doubling this episode up was more for scheduling reasons that creative ones, but whatever the logic behind it they fit together incredibly well.

Emma struggling to control her powers feels like something that’s been tried and tested before, but bringing Elsa into the picture to help her to come to terms with it felt right. Watching them bonding back in ‘White Out’ was great, but felt a little contrived at the time. Now that Elsa’s been around long enough I think this occasion felt more organic and paid tribute to both of their journeys this season.

It all tied into the Snow Queen’s plan really well, too. Sometimes the villain’s meddling with characters forces the script to throw them into really unusual and fabricated places that don’t make sense. This time it felt mostly right, and Ingrid’s intentions were crystal clear, as is her plan (though the specifics are still a little up in the air).

Rumple’s plan is a complete muddle, though. What’s he really after? Is he trying to bring Neal back? Running around tricking all these people feels wrong. He worked hard to win their trust, now he’s just going to throw it all away. I’m dreading what it might do to his relationship with Belle when the truth does come out.

Regina on the other hand seems to be coming along leaps and bounds. I’m so relieved that her arc this season is a positive one, and it seems like it’s going to continue that way. I’m not sure why she still feels like a villain in the face of all the positivity she’s surrounded with, but I think her time might come soon. I just hope that it doesn’t come in the shape of a heroic sacrifice. I need my Regina fix.


Did Will plant that page in Robin’s bag? And where did he go after?

Ingrid arrived in New York, 1982. I’d like a little more clarification on the time discrepancies in the Once ‘verse. I still don’t get it all.

He Said, She Said

Regina: “May I see my son, please?”
Snow: “You might wanna finish buttoning your shirt first.”

Smash the Mirror didn’t feel like it was made into two parts for the sake of it. It felt like a great way to bring the arc to a head before we hit the final few episodes while still acting as a pivotal character driven set piece.

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  1. So, so good and yes, Regina is awesome this season. But I´m not sure of what to think of yet another curse coming to Storybrooke.

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