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Once Upon A Time 4×10 – Fall

“This is happening now.”


Guest Review by Panda
After the past few weeks went beyond the Frozen world and started to focus on the established set of characters, as well as the new creations, Fall was as Elsa heavy as it gets. It wasn’t anything that detracted from this episode, though it had a few issues elsewhere.

The flashbacks finally met the present filling in all of the blanks in Elsa and Anna’s years apart. Their reunion was silly but unbelievably cute and I’m ashamed at how emotional it made me. It’s strange to think that their entire world was on ice for 30 years and nobody who came to visit thought it something to report back elsewhere, but I’m not here to pull those kinds of strings.

With Ingrid’s spell imminent, this entire episode had a great sense of foreboding that made it a bit more than a bridge episode. How each of the characters handled their impending doom was one of the highlights as well.

For some it was a simple worry of whether or not the other townspeople would hurt them, but for people like Regina it was a fear of hurting those around her, specifically those that she cares so much about, like Henry. I think she’s the one character I’m most worried for right now. Not in that I think she might bite the dust, the producers aren’t stupid enough to off her, but more for what the consequences of her inner darkness resurfacing might be.

The main problem with Once right now is Rumple. I don’t understand why he’s so hungry for power that he’s setting himself up for a fall when it comes to all the bonds he’s developed over the past few years, especially the one he has with Belle. It’s frustrating but I guess they couldn’t have two former villains turning good at the same time.


Emma and Elsa’s new ribbons will protect them from the spell. Anna is also going to be immune since she was already under it once before. I’m excited to see the Frozen sisters work together in the present.

He Said, She Said

Robin: “Regina, I’m not afraid of you.”
Regina: “But you really, really should be.”

Most of Fall revolved around trying to stop the inevitable, but it was the characters’ reactions to all the spells and failed potions that made this episode enjoyable, even if certain character plays were hard to digest.

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