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The Flash 1×12 – Crazy For You

“My social life consists of running in super-human speed. And Netflix.”


My love for this show grows week after week. It is developing its characters and improving their dynamics in a way that looks so effortless and fun, making The Flash one of my favorite new shows this year.

This week, we got to see Barry and Caitlin bonding together in what was perhaps the show’s most entertaining scene ever. A drunken Caitlin is absolutely hysterical. Then add to that Barry joining her for an embarrassing, albeit fun, karaoke sing-a-long, and the episode already gains a minimum of a B+ average from me. They have such an enjoyable bond that I find myself rooting for them to hook up soon (and wondering why we should still ever care about Barry/Iris). Caitlin is like Felicity on Arrow, yes, but I love Caitlin more because I’m still not an Olicity fan over there. And her little monologue to Barry at the end about moving on and getting ready to put herself out there again could easily be taken as flirting, right? I’m telling myself yes just because I want to see this pair happening eventually.

Elsewhere, Barry’s dad made some important appearances. The most memorable one was undoubtedly his touching scene with his son in the closing minutes of the episode. I don’t know why, but Barry’s father guessing that his son is The Flash really worked for me emotionally. If Joe can’t deliver a powerful father/son conversation with Barry every week, I really don’t mind if this guy steps in.

Sadly, this wasn’t a perfect episode. I was a little disappointed that we spent so much time working on the villain-of-the-week’s backstory while we could have easily used that time wisely on other things, like Joe and Eddie’s (hopefully ongoing) Harrison-Wells investigation. The fact that this storyline was missing from the episode while Hartley made even more Harry Potter-like appearances didn’t do it for me. I’m not digging this guy yet and since he’s tricked dumb Cisco into escaping the metahuman prison, I’m guessing we’ll be seeing this creepy dude again. And I just wasn’t a big fan of how easily everyone seemed to accept that this woman was teleporting right in front of their eyes. Very silly.

And then the ending: #GORILLAGRODD!! Damn-it, what a tease.

Speedy Bits

– I’m trying to avoid all spoilers on this Linda Park person, but I don’t mind her going on a date with Barry so far. Hey, anything that annoys Iris kinda works for me.

– Iris took an insanely close-up picture of The Flash and STILL can’t recognize that it is Barry? Oh okay.

– How cute were Caitlin and Barry singing, seriously? More of that please.

– What’s better than seeing Caitlin drunk is seeing her hung-over. I LOVE this woman.

– Trapping that woman in a metahuman prison with one-sided mirrors is very clever.

Red Blurs & Quotes

Cisco: How can you speak 6 languages and sound like a dick in every one of them?

Caitlin: Look at him, he’s so fast! Oops, SHHH.
Barry: Y’know I’m not much of a singer. And you’re not much of a drinker.

Caitlin: You’re fast AND you can sing? What can’t you do?
Barry: Stop you from drinking, apparently.

Caitlin: I’d like to yell and wave my arms, but I’m afraid I’ll throw up.

Another highly entertaining episode, all thanks to Caitlin and Barry’s hilarious and amusing bonding.

Chris Rating


  1. Thanks for the review, Chris.

    Grant Gustin does have a pleasant singing voice. 🙂

    I'm with you Chris with the Ca-ry thing. 😉

    I'm starting to be peeved with Cisco.
    For a genius, he's plain stupid.

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