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How To Get Away With Murder 1×11 – Best Christmas Ever

“Thank God I don’t have a gun, or I’d shoot her myself.”


I can’t wrap my head around this show. I seem to have so many mixed feelings when I watch it—and this week, none of these feelings was fun.

The second semester has started and while I hoped this would mean less eye-rolling flashbacks, the show decided to give me the middle finger. Seeing how and where each of the Keating Five celebrated Christmas was just STUPID, for the lack of a more suitable word here. It’s as if they just felt the need to incorporate flashbacks and thought, “oh hey let’s see where the murderers celebrated Christmas!” If there was any hint of character development to come out of those scenes, I would have been okay with it, but none. Zilch. Zero.

The case-of-the-week resurfaced (to my dismay), and it was either the most boring thing I’ve ever seen, or the silliest. What in the world does this show want to be? Law & Order? Thank you, we already have a lot of those (and a possible reboot soon), so what makes this show different? Well, it’s messy.

The first half of the episode was very boring. Sadly, I’m starting to hate even Annalise now. I can no longer think of her as this complex, complicated woman. Week after week, the writers are proving what a complete mess she is and it’s not fun to watch. To my own shock, I’m starting to love Michaela and Connor much more. Michaela’s flashback was entertaining as hell, what with her becoming this overly obsessive and suspicious person, and Connor trying like a dog to become a better person for Oliver to love. It’s those two character developments that I’m enjoying more than anything else on this show right now, and they came in the second half of the episode.

In fact, the second half was much better than the first, especially when the show finally used Marcia Gay Harden properly by putting her with Viola Davis in a captivating dinner-scene. And while I still loathe everything Wes and Rebecca, I did love the cliffhanger with some of Sam’s remains being found. But none of that could fix whatever was happening in the first 30 minutes of this horrendous episode.

What a disappointment.

Sneaky Courtroom Bits

– Annalise in the kitchen…cooking! You don’t see that every day.

– It’s kind of obvious something went wrong with this whole Rudy thing. Maybe Rebecca killed him or something? Anything that makes her look bad works for me.

– Marcia Gay Harden’s impeccable performance broke my heart as she reminded me how amazing Trophy Wife was. I can’t believe a show like that didn’t make it to season 2.

– Wes has nightmares. Just in case anyone cares.

– Hannah telling Bonnie “I know how special you were to Sam” only adds more mystery and confusion to this Bonnie person.

– Laurel wasn’t so bad here. I might be warming up to her just a little.

Amusing Keating One-Liners

Asher: I object to working on this case on moral grounds.
Bonnie: Then you can go work at another law office.
Asher: Really? You’re going to fire me when I can file a sexual harassment suit? …oh.

Connor: Hey there, killer.

Annalise: He is not the man we thought he was.

Messy and boring. Nothing to see here, folks.

Chris Rating


  1. Yep, Chris. I'm with you on this ep.
    For supposedly brilliant students, they act like nincompoops.
    The funny part is, the lead plotter Romeo named Wes, takes the cake and has nightmares to boot. 🙂
    The matter of Wes noting the scratches and bitemarks on the walls and furniture could've been resolved by just “asking” about it.
    They are supposedly brilliant researchers, aren't they?

    I'm wondering if this Lila Story Arc will be an underlying chain that will bind all the characters; or will it finally end, as in all-out-end, of the season one finale.
    Because if the latter one comes into play, these “brilliant students” will forever be chained to a stupidly scripted cover-up.
    Bring in OPA to clean-up! Geesh!

    There are only 3 more eps to go before the season finale.
    I hope it gets better starting on Thursday. 🙂

  2. Thank you, PlatinumRosebud! It's nice to see your comments again 🙂

    I think the Lila storyline will end with the season finale and the next (horrible) season will be about someone else. Maybe Rebecca dies in the season finale, and that will be the driving plot for next year? One can only hope, I guess.

    But yes, I seriously hope the show gets better SOON.

  3. This show has done wonders for her career…This is the character she's always wanted to play and she's getting her recognition for once. This isn't “oh poor Viola”. She IS this show.

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