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Gotham 1×15 – The Scarecrow

“What I want the poor have, the rich need, and if you eat it you’ll die.”


A very disappointing episode.

There wasn’t much going on this week on Gotham where the second part of the Gerald Crane arc seemed to be even worse than the first. If anything, I’m willing to admit that this show doesn’t do two-part arcs well. There was so much potential here, but they ruined it all with another lame procedural case-of-the-week that had zero character development and wasn’t even thrilling.

The biggest problem here is that everything is extremely predictable on Gotham. Nothing about Jim and Bullock investigating the case was original or even entertaining for that matter. Another thing I’m starting to loathe is how every episode starts with a murder, proving that the show is unwilling to let go of its dreadful formulaic format anytime soon. Unlike The Flash, this show doesn’t use its weekly villains to improve the dynamics between its core characters.

And then there’s Fish Mooney. Last week’s extremely weird and cartoonish ending didn’t really have any on-screen consequence, which is a shame because I wanted to see Fish in a horrible fight scene for once (I’m assuming it would have been horrible, of course). Being trapped in some sort of underground prison with a bunch of other creepy men was even more cartoonish than anything the show has done so far. And the way she manipulated the Big Boss and slit his throat was very expected. Zero character development here too.

The fact that I actually enjoyed young Bruce’s storyline is not a surprise, seeing how he’s been one of the very few reasons I’m still watching this mess. But looking back at this particular plot, nothing happened there either. Sure, it was amusing to see Bruce hiking and reminiscing about his father, especially with the heartwarming father/son moment he shared with Alfred in the end. But when a subplot as straightforward and simple as that becomes the highlight of the hour, you realize how crappy everything else must be in comparison.

Bat Bits

– At this point, I’ll be seriously surprised if the show can deliver a well-written episode before the season finale.

– Leslie and Jim are very cute together. Even though I’m starting to become a little annoyed with Ben McKenzie’s serious face, I can never get bored of Morena Baccarin.

– Another Barbara-less episode! Anyone else cheering?

– Penguin and Maroni’s scene should have been thrilling, no? And I actually laughed at how Maroni kept pouring champagne into Penguin’s glass until it started to spill. Why does this show make it so easy for me to mock?

– David Mazouz has been delivering an incredible performance as Bruce. To me, he’s more talented than Jada Pinkett Smith.

– I love when Carmine Falcone trash-talks Fish Mooney. It’s so hilarious.

Cracks From Gotham

Falcone: While you’re at it, perhaps you can do something about the design. It reeks of Fish Mooney.

Edward: Did you hear that we got a new medical examiner? She’s much better than the old one. And she smells nice.

Bruce: Alfred, we can only stay if you can handle it.
Alfred: If I can handle it?

Bruce and Alfred almost saved what is another forgettable hour of Gotham, to no one’s surprise.

Chris Rating


  1. Just so you know how much the show has lost me, I read your review before even watching it and I just can't bring myself to do so. I know I will this weekend, but I'm so sick of how formulaic and lacking in ambition Gotham is. And the annoying this is, I know I won't stop watching because I love the Batman world and the show's visual style. But it's like they're' not even trying, and now that they've been renewed for season two, they certainly won't try any harder.

    Thank God we've got little Bruce on the show. The only highlight truly!

  2. Haha yeah I almost fell asleep the first time I watched it. The second time, I was just forcing myself to finish it. So…yeah, this show is just hard to watch now.

    But Bruce! Yeah, love that guy.

  3. Hahaha Love those scattering hearts, Nadim.

    Gotham is really wasting Morena Baccarin.
    Can't she go to Arrow to be one of the League of Assassins?

    The Phantom (of the Opera) mask has better expression than Ben Mackenzie's Jim Gordon.
    Those jaws might someday need a crowbar to gain more movement.
    I'm beginning to like Harvey more than Jim.

    Chris, you guys are right.
    If not for the Bruce/Alfred storyline, this episode is a bomb.
    It's really sad that Bruce Wayne did not have much of a childhood since his parents died.

    What i'm looking forward? Alfred's back story. A lot of it, please.
    That might hold my interest to remain a Gotham follower.

  4. Last week's episode ended with Street Fighter 2015 starring Jada Smith. This week cut to her sitting in some sort of empty building. For a few minutes, I thought that I'd missed an episode in between.

    There was a shot of the floor, when Maroni was overpouring the champagne, that make it look like Penguin was emptying his bladder. I thought that it was an interesting visual.

    Loved Penguin and Nygma together. Fun, fun, fun.

    Other than that, I agree with everyone else's likes and dislikes.

  5. I bet all these negative comments aren't helping either! It's a good epi to fall asleep to (if that even helps at all).

    Yes, I'm definitely interested in Alfred's back story as well! He's too interesting and I hope the writers get their heads out of their asses and make this good.

  6. I HATED that shot of Maroni/Penguin too! So stupid and weird, and I've read so many other people on the Internet talk about how ridiculous those 3 seconds were. It's not surprising how much this show is getting on people's nerves.

    Love how we all agree on loathing the show.

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