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Grey’s Anatomy 11×10 – The Bed’s Too Big Without You

“We only fire the big gun when we need the big gun.”


Guest Review by Tagouga
It is quite interesting how after so many episodes and with such an ever-increasing cast, that Grey’s can still produce gripping storylines involving its entire cast. This episode was no exception.

First off, a monstrous tumor brought Meredith, Bailey and Pierce together in a joint-effort to beat it. The 3D printer (which has surely come a long way since printing a fork) made a return-appearance and proved helpful in successfully completing the complicated surgery. While waiting for the tumor to be printed, the three doctors, later joined by Amelia, opened up to each other in a most beautiful and enlightening scene. After all, it had been a while since we saw the doctors do anything other than bicker all the time. It was particularly interesting when Amelia told Meredith that she doesn’t know how to be alone anymore since Cristina was always around. This proves that Cristina is one character that no one will be forgetting any time soon – not even the show’s writers.

Elsewhere, Amelia continued to try to beat Dr. Herman’s tumor. I love her budding relationship with Richard and although I didn’t quite understand the revelation that Stephanie (I had to look up her name) had, at least Amelia now has someone on board with her.

Finally, April and Jackson’s storyline continued with their horrifying struggle. April found herself completely alone between her husband and her mother, each of whom was trying to “help” in their own way while indirectly wanting to impose their own views. I am definitely not a fan of April but it is really sad to see the pair go through such a tragedy – and that last moment when Jackson realized that they would now need the big guns was very moving.

Bits & Scalpels

– I was both happy and sad when they showed Owen standing on the vents. I miss Cristina!

– Will Maggie become Meredith’s person? I am actually starting to like the relationship between these two.

– It is quite surprising how Avery’s mother still has made no appearances thus far.

Grey Banter

Alex: The fact you are checking a text while you’re doing it is already sad.
Meredith: We had a special ringtone. Hey, you want a special ringtone?
Alex: No.

Callie: Major vibage for Major Hunt.

April: People need their mom in a crisis.
Jackson: No, not everybody does.

Dr. Herman: You should just think of them as babies who will die if it turns out that you’re full of crap and can’t take out my tumor.

Meredith: This is where we cut, right here.
Pierce: That’s my finger.

Hunt: I can’t imagine belonging to anyone like that again.

Meredith: It’s just you. The one you can count on, and lean on, and depend on. It has to be you. And once you figure that out, that’s when being alone becomes a choice.

Must-Download Tunes
Elliphant – Never Been In Love
Kat Dahlia – I Think I’m In Love
Maggie Eckford – Let the Light Back In
Jetta – Feels Like Coming Home

A very enjoyable episode of Grey’s. Can’t wait for the next one!

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